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Robocraft News!

Robocraft News!

We thought we’d take a moment to let you all know whats been going on, what we’re working on and what’s coming very soon in Robocraft, so here goes.

User Invasion

As you all know we had a large influx of new users, mostly from Poland but from other nations as well. We have been operating at our maximum of 2000 users online at the same time since then. We have had many new users from places like USA, Japan, and Germany recently also. Thanks to all the YouTubers and those talking on external forums and on TwitchTV etc. who have made this happen, this has been great.


We have quadrupled the server count and we’re working on mechanisms to automatically scale the number of servers up and down as we need them to make the costs efficient and to allow us to scale up to even larger numbers if a sudden influx ever happens again. We expect to be able to support 5000 users online by the end of the week.

Game Connection Problems

This week we had a few problems with some of the new servers. This resulted in many users being disconnected when trying to get into the game. For many of you this happened lots of times in succession. We know how frustrating that can be and we are sorry. We have fixed the main issues now so you should find the games much more reliable now.

Super Rewards

One of the payment services we used called Super Rewards (we also offer PayPal for Galaxy Cash) went down yesterday. Some users paid for Galaxy Cash but did not receive their credits. We have since disabled Super Rewards and have made sure all of those users are properly credited with the Galaxy Cash and have given some extra by way of saying sorry.

UPDATE: Super Rewards is now on again and working fine.


We are working on some new match-making features. The plan is to randomly select from three types of battle. You will know which type of battle is coming next and which map is coming next as it will be written underneath the Battle Countdown in the HUD. The three match types will be:

  • Tier Match – meaning all Robots in the battle will have a similar Tier (i.e. as it is now)
  • Boss Match – meaning one team will have a few powerful Robots vs. the other team with a larger number of weaker Robots
  • Mix Match – where the Robots in the battle are randomly selected and then the teams built fairly from the available Robots


We disabled the chat in the Lobby temporarily as 2000 users talking in different languages in the same chat room was crazy. We have implemented a new chat system which adds new users to separate 100 user lobbys, so you are never chatting to more than 100 users at once. This will be activated this week.

We are now adding language support into the chat system, so you will be able to select a language in the settings menu and placed in a room with other users speaking the same language. This will be optional for all users, as will the ability to switch off the chat altogether if you wish.

New Maps

We have a level designer on board at the moment designing 2 new maps for the Ice Planet. He will have that finished this week and we have an additional artist who will – under Ric’s guidance – get these maps online ASAP. We expect this to take a couple of weeks.

Friends & Platoons

We have additional programmers helping us at the moment. One of them is working on the Friend \ Platoons system. We get several requests for these features every day. The Friends system will allow you to invite friends who will need to accept the invite in order for you to form a friend relationship. Once you have done that you will be able to see when they are online, or in battle, etc. You will also be able to form platoons with your friends and the match-making will ensure you enter the same battle on the same team.

Plasma Cannons

We are desperate to bring you these. We have been bleating on about them  for a long time now and we understand that this has probably caused you some frustration. Believe me when I say it has been frustrating for us as well as we are soooo keen to get these out to you. We think they will be a game changer and add some important missing strategy and team play to the combat.# in Robocraft. The work on these is 75% complete. We have paused Bri on these for this week to help get the servers stable etc. and he will go back to them next week. I expect we will have the work completed next week but won’t be able to release them until the following weak as they will take time to test, balance etc prior to their full release.


We’re making some changes to the balance of the game for the next release also. Main changes are:

  • Increased damage for all Laser Cannons, but a greater increase in damage with higher level weapons
  • Increased armor of high level cubes, so they don’t get shot off quite so easily

The above changes are designed to reduce the time to destroy a Robot, so you spend slightly less time simply facing a Robot with your mouse cursor held down pounding him for like an hour just to destroy him 🙂 And also to reduce the ‘I will shoot all your guns off before you shoot all mine off’ gameplay. Focusing on the Chassis will win you battles more often after this change. Powerful Lasers and Armor will still be the key to a powerful Robot though.


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  1. cammander078 says
    12/01/2014, 21:08

    zomg im like getting nervous about not having any updates wer dem plasma guns come on hurry up

    • IAMAGEEKYAY says
      18/01/2014, 13:53


  2. ASGE says
    11/01/2014, 17:11

    Listen to Hear Me Calling by Gamma Ray and thats what fits this best

  3. Ninja (Ninjadude501) says
    11/01/2014, 05:11

    Plasma Cannons = Actual fliers reborn.

  4. megacron says
    10/01/2014, 13:10

    me too im designing new robots on my blank paper sheets so I can kill all of you MEGACRON is back

  5. ASGE says
    10/01/2014, 11:39

    Id just like to tell you that ive been waiting forever for bombs and a ice planet but now with boss and high tier fight ill be in heaven and then the map shower and and battle type are also awesome. i want to cream those little guys once i get black armor Bloody Mountain Goat will be imortl.

  6. skyrim23222 says
    10/01/2014, 11:36

    but god now i cant play and gota wait for the updates

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