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Robocraft Launches on Steam Early Access TODAY!!!

Robocraft Launches on Steam Early Access TODAY!!!

Yes, ROBOCRAFT is LIVE on Steam NOW!!!

It’s been a long time coming, with our amazing community of Robocrafters helping us through Green Light in record time we’ve finally pushed over the line and the game is now available to all the many worldwide users on Steam via the Early Access and Free To Play categories.


Existing users can install and launch from Steam and then login using your existing username and password to play via Steam, use Steam features (such as F12 screenshot) and Steam Wallet etc. and with the Robocraft leagues launching with the next major feature update we’ll move to integrate them into the Steam network shortly afterwards so you scores will appear on Steam also.

With Electroplates and Robocraft Leagues coming with the next major launch early next week, things are really hotting up in Robocraft


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  1. Kaikerking555 says
    21/07/2014, 12:43

    I do not really have that problem “Unknow ; The user does not exist” What should I do tell me thanks:>.

  2. akramgamer64 says
    18/07/2014, 13:08

    the game in steam is not like the game in the launcher

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