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Robocraft @ Insomnia 51 – get your RC T-shirt

Robocraft @ Insomnia 51 – get your RC T-shirt

Freejam will be unveiling Robocraft for the first time at a game show at the coming INSOMNIA51 Gaming Festival.


If you are going let us know your T-shirt size at info@freejamgames.com and come visit us at the Robocraft station to get your t-shirt and 5000 GC on the day.

The event is to be held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, between the 18th and 21st of April 2014. This event will give many new gamers their first opportunity to get a hands on feel of the Robocraft gaming experience on a large booth within the events ‘Indie Zone’ play area.

So, come and meet the Freejam Five and maybe show some of the new users how to build a flier.



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  1. Guardian Angel (Quenn1599) says
    14/04/2014, 03:14

    I may have to hijack a plane and fly over there 🙂

  2. KervinMC says
    11/04/2014, 22:42

    i wanna go but then like, th next day of that is school day… and i even live in the uk…

  3. Николай says
    11/04/2014, 17:39

    Ух ты этот разработчик не даёт стоять на месте

  4. Vaupell says
    11/04/2014, 16:06

    so, this is the lastest news.. awesome..

  5. Warlock says
    11/04/2014, 15:30

    maaaan this game so fk…. lagging………do something.

    • LukusMaximus says
      13/04/2014, 19:02

      I can play on beautiful graphics on a laptop! Fix your PC!

  6. ScarletzMAO says
    11/04/2014, 14:42

    I really want to join there,but i can’t cause im living Taiwan lol

    • Haubitsmaster says
      13/04/2014, 17:01

      lol =)

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