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Robocraft in “E3 2017 Digital Ticket” Humble Bundle


Save over 50% on Robocraft Eagle Pack

We’re proud to be supporting this year’s special “E3 2017 Digital Ticket” Humble Bundle with our exclusive Eagle Pack.

The Humble Bundle is a great way for you to support some worthy charities while grabbing some top digital content (such as our Eagle Pack) and games for just a few $$.

If you pay more than the average $6.02 (correct at time of going to press), you’ll get the Robocraft Eagle Pack which contains the following:

  • 7 Days of Premium
  • 12 Protonium Salvage Crates
  • 4 Humble Bundle HoloFlags
  • 1 Eagle Mask Cosmetic (Eagle Neck Left, Eagle Neck Right, Eagle Feathers Left, Eagle Feathers Right, Eagle Face Left and Eagle Face Right)

The bundle is only available for a short while and once it’s gone, it’s gone. The bundle will be launching on Sunday, June 11th at 8 AM Pacific (4pm BST), and ends on Sunday, June 18th at 11AM (4pm BST) Pacific.

So, you know what to do; go get a great Robocraft bundle, some other awesome games and support some super brilliant charities.