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Robocraft gives you WINGS!

Robocraft gives you WINGS!

Get your robots up and take to the skies with WINGS!! Build a Boeing, send out your spitfires and rule the skies with the new aerofoils released today, along with a whole load of other improvements…


  • 10 x levels of aerofoils
  • You need to be travelling fast enough to get ‘lift’
  • Flaps are automatically assigned to WSAD, SHIFT & SPACE based on position and orientation
  • 4 aerofoils and 1 rudder is the best way of maintaining stable flight
  • Tilting aerofoils against the air can cause stalling if you don’t have enough thrust
  • A couple of wheels can help you get a quick take off at the start of battle
  • High levels have stronger forces so can lift off and manoeuvre heavier, high-tier robots

Aerofoils are available to Premium Users on ‘Early Access’ today, and available to all non-Premium users on Monday 11am GMT

In the meantime, EVERYBODY can use this promo code to get 5 x FREE L1 Aerofoils


WARNING! If you buy premium membership and the Tech Tree does not update to show aerofoils available, restarting the game will fix the issue.




  • Get 2 x RP and TP for your first victory in each garage slot every day
  • This bonus combines with the Premium Members bonus (so you get 2 x 150%)
  • This bonus replaces the old Daily Bonus


  • Tech Points are now ‘tier locked’: if you play in ‘Tier 2’ you earn ‘Tier 2 Tech Points’
  • Each item on the Tech Tree must be unlocked with the correct ‘Tier Points’
  • You can exchange points earned in any Tier to ‘Über Tech Points’ using Galaxy Cash
  • All existing surplus TP has been converted to ‘Über Tech Points’
  • More to come on the Tech Tree in future with CPU and larger Motherships being added
  • Tech Points are no longer multiplier-for-damage based on the tier of robot you shoot
  • Tech Tree TP costs have been rebalanced along with this change


  • Wheels now get larger at higher levels
  • Physics on wheels has been overhauled and improved
  • Better suspension, better grip, improved steering, improved differential and improved braking
  • Wheels are now faster at lower tiers
  • Wheels are effected more by mass, so if your Robot is large it will move slower
  • High level wheels can carry more mass before slowing down
  • Powerless wheels have been made obsolete; we have reimbursed all RP for lost wheels at 100% of their current value in the Depot
  • BUG: Fixed random sliding sideways down slopes
  • BUG: Power distributed more evenly across wheels to prevent ‘squirming’ when different levels are combined


  • Rebalanced. Faster and more responsive at lower tiers and with lower masses
  • Hoverblades lose effectiveness when they are not near a ground surface
  • BUG: Fixed a bug causing hoverblades to travel at super-fast speeds when tilted forwards


  • Armor now has larger mass at higher levels
  • L10 armor has 3 x the mass of L1 armor (so same mass as ‘Heavy Cube’ at L10)
  • 5 x New Armored Helium Cubes L1-L5
  • Higher levels have more lift and armor
  • NOTE: You will need to use High Level Armored Helium to make old T10 fliers fly
  • New Helium Cubes are available right now to ALL users, no ‘Early Access’


  • Charging mechanic changed
  • Rail now auto-charges and holds its charge until fired
  • Rail now takes a lot longer to charge first weapon (20 seconds)
  • All other weapons charge VERY quickly after the first
  • You cannot fire until all weapons are charged
  • Each Rail fired separately, so when you charge 6 you can fire 6 separate times
  • Laser sight has been added which shows which way your first Rail is pointing
  • Laser only shows when Rail is fully charged
  • Beware! Your enemy can see your laser sight too


  • Prices for a garage slot and Premium have been increase, but we still think they are fair and a fantastic value
  • All cubes now go from Level 1-10 instead of L1, L1s, etc.
  • Green ‘in range’ indicator on crosshair removed for all weapons (a.k.a. ‘hitscan’)
  • Fire-rate of single and dual SMG reduced
  • First-rate of single Plasma reduced from 2-3 seconds
  • Thrusters, Aerofoils and Helium all now get reduced lift at very high altitude
  • Enemy Radar ranges buffed
  • Radar Receiver rangers are now huge, allowing you to receive Ally Radar info from all over the map (NB: Your Ally still has to be near enough to the enemy for you to pick them up)
  • Radar Jammers should also play a more important role now, too
  • Buffed armor of weapons and other key cubes so they are a flat multiple of weapon damage at each tier
  • Servers now automatically scale up and down as more users come online and in the UK evening when we have less users online
  • All descriptions in the Depot, Inventory and Tech Tree update
  • Cleaned up spawning a bit, so a load progress bar appears as units spawn in and fades when complete
  • BUG: Fixed a bug where SMGs could fire in directions that they were not facing
  • BUG: Fixed a bug where Rail Cannon had a limited range


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  1. Demonicidiot666 says
    19/06/2014, 16:40

    Sorry developers, but this got F-ed up. 30 seconds on railgun recharge? SERIOUSLY? And all of my vehicles became useless and powerless due to this update. The tech system got even more worse than previously. (Yes, im looking at you hexagonal tech tree) The points for each tier is the worst of all, since now you have to delete and rebuild ships ALL THE TIME to get a freaking upgrade you don’t even use because you need it to upgrade for high tier stuff.

  2. Rockjaws says
    18/06/2014, 16:28

    I cant find the rudders in Aero foils

  3. DotSight says
    18/06/2014, 08:02

    We need Anti-air gun. like vulcan, flak cannon or something gun can kill a plane 🙂

  4. dimdimich1996 says
    15/06/2014, 07:19


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