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Robocraft Developer Q&A Livestream


Thursday October 12th 4pm – 5pm (UTC+1)

Got a question you’d like to put to Robocraft’s designer Sergii?

This Thursday, October 12th from 4pm-5pm we’ll be livestreaming a Q&A over on our Twitch and Facebook channels where Sergii will be answering some of your submitted questions along with a few live ones too.

A thread has been started over on our official forums, on Steam, and on the awesome /r/Robocraft subreddit community, so you can post your questions there or join us on the livestream on Twitch or Facebook. Please post one question at a time so we can see them easier.

We only have an hour so please keep your questions short and to the point. We don’t want to spend time reading out paragraphs of text when we could be answering questions. 🙂