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Robocraft Christmas Compo

Robocraft Christmas Compo

Welcome fellow Robocrafters to the auspicious YouTube video Christmas competition

Enter your Christmas themed robot YouTube videos here on the forum to win a prize – http://robocraftgame.com/forums/topic/christmas-robot-competition/

1st place – 3 months premium membership
2nd place – 2 months premium membership
3rd place – 1 month of premium membership

– Video must be in multiplayer not single player and on youtube.
– Must be Christmas themed
– No rude stuff please
– Freejam select the winner, so no votes.
– Entries in before the 1st of January
– Winner chosen in early January
– You can make multiple entries if you wish
– Prize of membership will be added to your current membership if you already have one


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  1. DiEless34 says
    22/12/2013, 16:28

    i used to have a lot of rp and it was gone at the time if the cloud update. can you please fix it?

    user-name: DiEless

    • 22/12/2013, 16:46

      wow that was a long time ago, I fear we cannot do much about it now :/

      • DiEless34 says
        23/12/2013, 23:34

        oh, thanks though, at least my TPs servived!

        PS: do you program your accounts with RP and TP?

      • DiEless34 says
        23/12/2013, 23:36

        you said “you can not do MUCH about it now” so is there anything that can be done?

      • builderbrick says
        25/12/2013, 17:18

        Program with Rp and Tp? You mean does the data travel?

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