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Robocraft at Legends of Gaming Live 2016!


We’re very excited to announce that Freejam and Robocraft will be at London’s annual YouTube gaming event ‘Legends of Gaming Live’ this weekend (Saturday, 10th – Sunday, 11th September).

Thanks to the lovely folks at Alienware, we have two fancy PCs in the Legends of Indie Gaming area where visitors will be able to sample the latest Robocraft client in all its splendor. Additionally, we’ll also be handing out special Starter Pack cards to everyone that meets us at the show, so feel free to head to the Indie Gaming Area, (opposite the giant Namco Bandai booth) and say hi.

If you haven’t heard of Legends of Gaming Live before, it’s a relatively new UK show which takes popular streamers and the latest games, and jams them into one giant hall in London’s historic, Alexandra Palace. For more information about the show and how you can attend, please visit LegendsofGaming.co.uk.

We also have plans to host a few giveaways on our social channels this weekend to ensure everyone has the option to feel involved in the festivities.

Keep a close eye on our Instagram account, Twitter and Facebook for updates. You’ve been warned!


*Let’s just pretend this guy is playing a PC (not a Wii U) and the kid behind is wearing a Cray hat.