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ROBOCRAFT 1.1 UPDATE – 1.0.2329


  • Steam Achievements – players loading Robocraft through the Steam Client and logging in with their Steam ID will now earn achievements for completing different challenges in the game. To see the full list of achievements, click here.


In this update we fixed a bug that prevented high fire rate weapons from reaching their listed fire rates. In fixing the bug, it became apparent that all high fire rate weapons were now more powerful. As we don’t want to affect the balance with a bugfix, we are setting fire rates those weapons to what they actually were:

  • Chain Splitter: 12 shots per second, down from the listed 18
  • Chain Shredder, Proto-Seeker and all Nanos: 14 shots per second, down from the listed 20

Note, we are not changing Lasers because bigger Lasers were not affected by the bug, and small Lasers were too bad because of that bug. Other weapons were not affected by this bug, so we’re not making any changes to them.


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to duplicate non-forgeable parts

Note: We will be resetting individual part inventory levels to the correct amounts on any player accounts that have used the exploit. When we do this, we will also refund the amount of robits spent forging any removed parts

  • Fixed a bug which sometimes failed to load team buffs correctly when a team lost a player
  • Fixed a bug which caused a “Photon request raised an error” dialogue to appear for some players
  • Fixed a bug which prevented flipped players from rectifying correctly if they were next to a wall
  • Fixed a bug that prevented high fire rate weapons from reaching their listed fire rates
  • Fixed a number of collision issues with different cosmetic parts:
    • Eagle Feathers Right, Overwolf Eye Right and Overwolf Ear Right had some collision issues which permitted players to get inside the mask
    • It was impossible to place the Overwolf Mask from top to bottom as the player would see an “Incorrect Cube Placement” dialogue
  • Fixed a bug which failed to remove a robot from the CRF results page if it expired while it was being displayed on a player’s screen
  • Fixed a bug which permitted players to still send friend/party/clan invites to those players that had previously blocked them
  • Repositioned cosmetic plates in the Special Tab for better consistency
  • Multiple language corrections