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ROBOCRAFT 1.0 HOTFIX #1 – 1.0.2316


Based on feedback from the community, we’ve made the following balance changes to the game:

In this hotfix we’ve made a significant change to the Physics of Aerofoils (i.e. Wings and Rudders) designed to reduce the effectiveness of super-tough, flying-bricks with ‘spammed’ wings in Battle Arena as the dominant meta. This change also increases the effectiveness of light airplanes. Our focus has been on agility and is also based on introducing a little more realism.

  • Heavy planes will be less agile and feel more ‘lumbering’ like bombers do.
  • Light planes will be more agile light fighter jets do.

There are a number of features of the Wings and Rudders in Robocraft:

  • Roll Speed – how fast you rotate around your forward axis
  • Elevation Speed – how fast you rotate around your side axis (i.e. to point up to the sky or down to the ground)
  • Bank Speed – how fast you rotate in the air, i.e. turning circle
  • Thrust – how fast you accelerate and change direction forwards and backwards
  • VTOL Speed – how fast you VTOL up and down

In all the above cases Heavy Planes have received a reduction in these agility parameters from their current values, and Light Planes have received an increase in these agility parameters from their current values.

We consider a Heavy Aircraft weighs around 12,000 Kg and a Light Aircraft is around 4,000 Kg

We also fixed a couple of bugs with Wings and Rudders at the same time.


  • Wings or Rudders with their tips pointing forwards of backwards no longer provide Thrust
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Rudders from properly affecting the handling of the aircraft
  • Fixed a bug with Helium which was causing unexpected lean on Robots
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Football Electroplate parts to have the wrong health