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Robo Tips #4 “Flying Blimp Robots”

We thought ahead of the release of the new L1-L5 Thrusters today we’d post a new Robot Tips video on how to build flying Robots. This ones a simple one that shows you how to build a flying blimp but i’m sure once you see this you’ll be able to expand on it and make much cooler Robots with weapons etc.


We haven’t tried creating a blimp with the new L5 Thrusters yet, so we’ll be looking out for those YouTube vids from you guys showing me how it’s done.


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  1. madattak
    Dr Freeman (madattak) says
    13/08/2013, 18:39

    Sounds good! Although I think the gap should be widened again as multiplayer is made fairer, to allow for sniper or close up tactics.

    • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
      14/08/2013, 09:01

      Actually the plan is to introduce other weapon types to create the same types of strategies, so we’ll have an Artillery style weapon, an area effect weapon with explosive damage, a sniper weapon for long range with a zoomed sight etc. The Laser Cannons are only intended to be your standard base general purpose weapon.

      • madattak
        Dr Freeman (madattak) says
        14/08/2013, 10:03

        Sounds good! Will it work so that if you have mixed weapon types you can only fire one type at a time, and will we get secondary weapons we can fire at the same time?

      • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
        14/08/2013, 10:10

        You’ll only be able to fire one ‘group’ at a time, i.e. all Laser Cannons, all Plasma Cannons etc. We’ll allow you to cycle weapon type on your mouse wheel and there will be a weapon HUD as in most FPS.

      • Guardian Angel (Quenn1599) says
        20/08/2013, 03:23

        AC-130 time!

  2. Zatoro says
    13/08/2013, 18:17

    Go mark!

  3. Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
    13/08/2013, 18:04

    We’re going to be tweaking the Laser Cannons with this next release…

    1. Reduce the recoil forces
    2. Reduce the length of the barrel on L4 and L5 lasers, so it’s easier to fit them on your Robot closer together
    3. Make range on Laser Cannons closer together across the levels, to make it less likely a new user will be owned by an aircraft without being able to fight back

  4. funkyman8887 says
    13/08/2013, 17:39

    but the recoil of my L3 and L4 cannons send me off course so i have to have a certain shot

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