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Robo-Compilation by Madattak

Madattak takes us all to school with an array of fine Robots built to mash us up ! – watch and learn my friends.




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  1. robofight says
    24/08/2013, 08:41


    i want u t build A SHOOP DA WOOP FLYING BOT! I DARE YOU!

  2. Guardian Angel (Quenn1599) says
    17/08/2013, 15:31

    That would be awesome if transports worked and were useful.

  3. Pwning_melon says
    14/08/2013, 14:23

    Oh well that helium helps me fly a lot

  4. Pwning_melon says
    14/08/2013, 14:22

    Lol I might have taken a few design tips from the dive bomber thinking it was a random person on youtube :3 see the blocks around the vertical thrusters? The helium above the pilot seat?

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