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Rising Crescendo by Spilledchemicals


OK – grab some popcorn and snuggle down for this video by Spilledchemicals – you might learn something.

Rising Crescendo is bizzare creation, on paper its seems like it shouldn’t work, it rolls about the floor like a trout on a boat, crash lands in epic tumbling fashion, its hard to get clear aim on its targets and looks like a handful to control – YET it is undoubtedly one of the more jawdroppingly devastating robots on Mars. Spilledchemicals talks about strategy in combat and in construction with indepth knowledge, you sir have deconstructed the game very nicely indeed, thankyou and we hope you live long and prosper 🙂




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  1. tmellen says
    17/12/2013, 22:16

    I like this video because at 29:11, I killed Spilled. 🙂

  2. builderbrick says
    13/12/2013, 01:42

    I see you be using my awesome insta-repair trick that the developers never fixed XD.

    • Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
      17/12/2013, 23:48

      I think we have fixed that now??

  3. builderbrick says
    13/12/2013, 01:35

    You sound like a professional youtube.

    • builderbrick says
      13/12/2013, 01:39


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