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Repair MK2

Repair MK2

New Repair System

  • Overall repair costs reduced for everyone
  • Repair costs are now based off % of Robot destroyed, so all Robot sizes are treated equally
  • Bravery system improved to provide a safety net for high repair costs
  • Users now must repair their robot before entering battle – you cannot enter battle with a phantom robot

Bravery Explained

  • The Bravery bonus is awarded if your team loses or if you die and ensures that as long you participate in battle you will earn some RP
  • Getting Victory, Kills, Damage, Protection, Assists, Base Caps and Defense will always earn you more RP than Bravery alone, it’s best to think of the Bravery bonus as a “safety net”
  • At Tiers 1-4, the Bravery bonus is always greater than the most expensive repair you can receive which ensures you can always pay for your repair
  • At higher Tiers a worst case battle – i.e. getting killed and doing nothing in battle – can give you repair costs that exceed the Bravery bonus so you can get loses
  • The balance is set so that by playing well you will always on average earn more RP at a higher Tier if you average your net earnings over a number of battles
  • The removal of the Bravery as a safety net at high tier is designed to make the game more challenging and more engaging (since you need to concentrate more to succeed) as you progress to high Tier, it is also designed to ensure that Premium becomes more and more value for money at higher Tiers


  • Freejam would like everyone reaching high Tier to consider buying Premium. Buying Premium helps to support Robocraft and ensures we can keep bringing you new features and content at an increasingly fast pace
  • We’ve made sure that Premium is fantastic value for money too
  • Premium in Robocraft is now reduced to just 4500 GC for 1 month
  • Premium can ensure you progress quickly and do not need to worry about repair costs
  • Premium becomes more valuable the higher Tier you get too
  • Below shows an illustration of how fantastic value for money Premium is, and remember, when you buy premium you are supporting Robocraft

Playing for Free

  • Freejam will never force you to pay, i.e. We will never force Pay2Play
  • Freejam will never endorse Pay2Win, paying will never ensure winning, there will always be a Robot that is bigger and badder than yours, only skill and Robocrafting ability can guarantee winning in Robocraft, and no money can buy that
  • Whilst the Bravery bonus ensures that you cannot ever get a repair that is higher that you earn at T1-4, at T5-10 it is possible to lose money if you get a very bad battle
  • In order to reach the highest echelons of the game without the benefits that Premium provides, we recommend users retain a lower Tier Robot in their garage to ensure you always have a backup to fund the repairs of the higher Tier robots you are trying to build


Other Changes

  • Light Chassis Cubes, L1 Front mount SMG’s, L1 Wheels AND Pilot Seats are now all FREE!
  • Prices of cubes have been re-balanced to match the new rate of earning RP
  • Cube sale values increased, you can now sell cubes back to the Depot at 50% of their original value
  • New ‘Sell Robot’ button, which allows you to sell an entire Robot back to the Depot at 50% of it’s full RP purchase cost, damaged or otherwise
  • Galaxy Cash repair button re-added as some users requested this, but we have ensured that the GC repair costs are very low, even at the highest Tier
  • SMG accuracy slightly improved

NB: We are still working on the Platoons bugs. The issue is complex and lies with one of our cloud suppliers. We are working with them on a fix, and we’re working hard to get a ‘work around’ implemented soon, sorry for the delay



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  1. GameBoyBlue says
    15/07/2014, 12:39

    I clicked “sell a robot” when what I wanted to do was delete. Could you(would you please) add a delete button, where I can reclaim all my parts with right clicking a million times to do it.

  2. MazdurNerd says
    14/07/2014, 19:23

    I’m a T9 player and out of rp. I cannot repair my bot, therefore I cannot play at all. Other players have suggested I sell parts for rp… that’s just a short term gamble not a proper solution. You win some you lose some, that’s Robocraft. Losers shouldn’t be penalized to the point of not being able to play anymore.

    “FREE TO PLAY-(until you run out of rp)”


    • TechCraft says
      14/07/2014, 22:14

      Sell your cubes to get RP, go to T2-4, farm and get more RP

  3. Ultra_Virus says
    14/07/2014, 01:15

    Another update another failure to fix the pay to win environment. Freejam says Robocraft is free to play but the truth is it’s free to loose. Freejam claims that its not pay to win but it is clearly pay to afford repairs and progress.

    As long as a there is a multi tier tech point tree and higher tier parts are allowed in lower tier battles the ones who have progressed further have the edge and therefore will win more often. This makes the game pay to win Freejam just hides it better than most mmo games.

    It also has become clear that Freejam will not change the game and stop there favoritism to premium players unless we free players do something more drastic than voice our displeasure in the forums.

    So I make an appeal all players who liked the old repair system and the fact that it allowed free players to advance. Let us send our message in a form that Freejam can not ignore!

    Stop playing and let Freejam know through a plummeting player base that we want change!

  4. GlitchyGirl says
    12/07/2014, 13:58

    Just started, and as you can imagine I’m not very good at the game. Even at the very first level sometimes my repair costs are almost half of what I make.

    That being said I do not mind because I am indeed progressing however slowly and I am fine with that! As it is, I also do plan on getting premium time to give it a go because this game does pique my interests!

    I just need to get paid (15th is payday <3). Also Im quite happy with the monthly cost of the game for prem time…. a brief overview makes it what just over 5 bucks USD per month? Which would then help increase the income, while helping to in part ensure that this game keeps existing.

  5. steepper says
    11/07/2014, 16:43

    I had one robot in the agar and I don’t have anything to pay for the repair of the robot even had nothing to sell because your repair I had to sell his only robot in the hangar and build full-Woo

  6. RainRedFox says
    11/07/2014, 02:48

    so after last update, the cost becoming so much than before, it’s just like you got 1000 rp but you will repair for 900, so we only get 10% from our result of hardwork… very disappoint…..

  7. DSplayer says
    11/07/2014, 00:40

    This brand new repair system isn’t good. I waste all my RP on repairing. Please change the repair system back to the old one.

    • T3Kgamer says
      11/07/2014, 07:04

      this is true when i get 600 for a win i lose 568 or something for repairs

  8. robotkiller22 says
    10/07/2014, 11:40

    if freejam devs read my comment say what you want bot my point still stands that you becoming very greedy and your ads are a lie free to play as if

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