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Registration Limits due to High Demand

Registration Limits due to High Demand

We launched an update yesterday which had the following features in it:

Registration Throttle

  • A new limit to the number of new user registrations per hour, so that we can control the flood of new users coming into the game and ensure a stable experience for everyone
  • The limit is currently set to 60 per hour, and we can dial it up and down when necessary (we had 7,000 new registrations yesterday)
  • If you hit this limit, just try to register again in a few hours when it is a bit quieter and you will be able to play

New Shiny Cubes

  • Based on lots of user feedback we upgraded the look of the cubes to re-introduce the bevels that were removed in the last update and make them more shiny
  • We managed to do this without adding more polygons, so we now have super optimal cubes, that look super cool too

Mars Map Size Increase

  • Mars maps 1 & 2 scaled to bring them closer to the size of the Ice Planet
  • This will allow us to bring the number of Robots up to 30+ per battle which we expect to launch very soon
  • We will be adding some more detail into Mars 1 and 2 later to bring them up to the standard of the Ice Planet
  • Mars maps were both increased in size by about 30%
  • We also added more spawn points which fixes a bug were some Robots spawned on top of each other sometimes

Balance Changes

  • We made a number of changes to the RP rewards that were designed to ensure you got a more even and predictable reward for damage regardless of the style of Robot you were destroying
  • We also tweaked the rewards for damage, kills, bravery, etc.

More Balance Changes Later Today

  • Increase the RP rewards for Damage
  • Decrease the RP rewards for kills (a little)
  • Nerf the cost of repairs
  • Nerf the time to repair


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  1. PALLADIO42 says
    17/02/2014, 15:42


  2. deadbite says
    14/02/2014, 17:42

    Hey guys. You want that people play your game and donate… and so on, but we can`t cause of you.. cause this limit. Why? You make all worse.

  3. trash says
    14/02/2014, 13:30

    Игрушка стала зависать на боях 4+ уровень, при этом компьютер даже не напрягается, надо исправлять товарищи разработчики!!!
    Насчёт регистрации вообще проблем не было, вернее версия с торента битая была после обновы сдохла, пришлось отсюда перекачать и терпеливо подождать обнову, всё на латинском(английском) вводил.

  4. Knaz says
    11/02/2014, 19:14

    I was tying to create account from 19:55 to 20:05 and 20:55 to 21:05 by instant clicking! Unfortunatelly I didn’t managed to create account. It made me think, that you have disabled registration function at all. I will be very grateful, if you ernter limit of registration, for instance, between 100 and 300 per hour. The second thing you can do is, that you can enter one registration from each IP per day. I am very grateful for your attention.

  5. kosta-dark says
    10/02/2014, 20:41

    да бл*н я тоже читал и понял что зарегатся для игры надо через лаунчер но токо 60 человек в час, я уже 3 дня зарегатся не могу!!!

    • deadbite says
      14/02/2014, 13:19


  6. abdulaziz21 says
    09/02/2014, 13:23

    ребята кто русский скажите мне почему нельзя зайти в игру там пишет неправильный пароль я ведь все правильно сделал регистрацию сделал и создал аккаунт в игре вчера я играл а сейчас не могу помогите мне

    • abdulaziz21 says
      09/02/2014, 13:25

      прочитал теперь понял что надо ждать через час спасибо вам всем

      • abdulaziz21 says
        09/02/2014, 13:25

        ато каждый день меняю паролик

    • dbahaha says
      14/02/2014, 16:29

      Мэй би, тебя взломали. или забанили админы сменив тебе пароль. мало ли?

  7. dik818 says
    08/02/2014, 19:03

    у меня пишет неправильный пароль хотя проверял что делать,это из-за загружоного игры !

  8. ROBOBILD says
    08/02/2014, 18:17

    тоесть туда могут войти тока 60 лудей?

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