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Reconnect Update – Now Live!


UPDATE:  Due to unforeseen issues with today’s Reconnect Update, we have reverted the game back to it’s previous state. We will address the issues and update the game soon™.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience and support.

Original article below:

We’re pleased to announce that our latest update is now live and that Reconnect is now in Robocraft! If you’ve suffered from disconnections in the past, you’ll now be able to rejoin the battle (if it’s still in-play). While the main focus for the update is the Reconnect feature, we snuck in a quick change to the BRAWL too. So power up the Plasmas with the latest BRAWL, Hellion Crater CARnage Part II – Rise of the Plasmas.

Many of you have asked why the MEGA PSK isn’t in this update. The answer is simple – it doesn’t exist! It was our little April Fools Day prank 🙂 and I know many of you will be pleased to hear that.


*Please note that the Reconnect does not work in Elimination or Pit game modes.

  • BRAWL – Hellion Crater CARnage Part II – Rise of the Plasmas
    • Game Mode: The Pit
    • Map: Hellion Crater
    • Players: 10
    • Special Rules:
    • Max CPU 1,100
    • Permitted Movement: Wheel Scout or Wheel Discoverer Only
    • Permitted Weapons: Plasma Pulser Only
    • First Win Bonus: 3x XP and 3x Protonium Crates
  • Updated Splash screen


  • Currently all chat is being displayed to all players when in battle.
  • Parties (Platoon and custom) may become disbanded if a user disconnects in that party
  • The kill UI in Team Deathmatch may display 0 until it gets updated if you reconnect
  • When a disconnected player returns to the battlefield, the wrong VO plays
  • When reconnecting to a game, audio cues you’ve missed out on will be queued up and play when you load in. Also sound effects may be heard during battle loading for a reconnecting player.
  • If reconnecting while a mining point is being captured then the UI may temporarily be out of sync with the point progress
  • Reactor Values may be 1% out of sync if you reconnect to a battle
  • Reconnecting in a custom game doesn’t give you the custom values set in lobby