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Reconnect Update – 1.5.2478

UPDATE:  Due to unforeseen issues with today’s Reconnect Update, we have reverted the game back to it’s previous state. We will address the issues and update the game soon™.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience and support.


*Please note that the Reconnect does not work in Elimination or Pit game modes.

  • BRAWL – Hellion Crater CARnage Part II – Rise of the Plasmas
    • Game Mode: The Pit
    • Map: Hellion Crater
    • Players: 10
    • Special Rules:
    • Max CPU 1,100
    • Permitted Movement: Wheel Scout or Wheel Discoverer Only
    • Permitted Weapons: Plasma Pulser Only
    • First Win Bonus: 3x XP and 3x Protonium Crates
  • Updated Splash screen


  • Currently all chat is being displayed to all players when in battle.
  • Parties (Platoon and custom) may become disbanded if a user disconnects in that party
  • The kill UI in Team Deathmatch may display 0 until it gets updated if you reconnect
  • When a disconnected player returns to the battlefield, the wrong VO plays
  • When reconnecting to a game, audio cues you’ve missed out on will be queued up and play when you load in. Also sound effects may be heard during battle loading for a reconnecting player.
  • If reconnecting while a mining point is being captured then the UI may temporarily be out of sync with the point progress
  • Reactor Values may be 1% out of sync if you reconnect to a battle
  • Reconnecting in a custom game doesn’t give you the custom values set in lobby