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Reconnect (take 2) Update – NOW LIVE!


Last week we finally added Reconnect to Robocraft! Yaaay! Unfortunately, along with this much-requested feature we shipped some bugs which caused us to revert the update. Boooo! Those bugs have been fixed and we’re now ready to ‘take 2’ with the Reconnect Update! Alongside the Reconnect feature we’ve added a new Elimination mode BRAWL called “Uncommon Grounds” and fixed a few bugs too. You’ll find the patch notes below.


*Please note that the Reconnect does not work in Elimination or Pit game modes.

  • Prizes for Solo League Competition have been added to the game – these will be manually added to winning player accounts
  • Uncommon Grounds BRAWL
    • BRAWL Rules:
      • Game Mode: Elimination
      • No. of Players: 10 v 10
      • Common and Uncommon Parts only
      • CPU Restrictions: 100 CPU min / 450 CPU max
      • No Aerofoils, Rotors, Hovers, Thrusters, Propellers, Helium
      • First Win Bonus: 2x XP + 2x Protonium Crates


  • An exploit for weapon invulnerability has been fixed
  • The VO for when a player reconnects to a battle has been fixed – the correct VO now plays
  • If a player reconnects to a TDM game, the kill UI will now display the correct number of kills
  • Battle chat no longer displays chat for games you are not participating in
  • Fixed a bug which caused players not to heal when under their base shield
  • Fixed a bug which caused rotors to function on a robot after being shot off
  • Fixed an issue with some speed boosts being inaccurate
  • Updated some missing character strings in non-English languages


  • Parties (Platoon and custom) may become disbanded if a user disconnects in that party
  • When reconnecting to a game, audio cues you’ve missed out on will be queued up and play when you load in. Also sound effects may be heard during battle loading for a reconnecting player.
  • If reconnecting while a mining point is being captured then the UI may temporarily be out of sync with the point progress
  • Reactor Values may be 1% out of sync if you reconnect to a battle
  • Reconnecting in a custom game doesn’t give you the custom values set in lobby