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*Please note that the Reconnect does not work in Elimination or Pit game modes.

  • Prizes for Solo League Competition have been added to the game – these will be manually added to winning player accounts
  • Uncommon Grounds BRAWL
    • BRAWL Rules:
      • Game Mode: Elimination
      • No. of Players: 10 v 10
      • Common and Uncommon Parts only
      • CPU Restrictions: 100 CPU min / 450 CPU max
      • No Aerofoils, Rotors, Hovers, Thrusters, Propellers, Helium
      • First Win Bonus: 2x XP + 2x Protonium Crates


  • An exploit for weapon invulnerability has been fixed
  • The VO for when a player reconnects to a battle has been fixed – the correct VO now plays
  • If a player reconnects to a TDM game, the kill UI will now display the correct number of kills
  • Battle chat no longer displays chat for games you are not participating in
  • Fixed a bug which caused players not to heal when under their base shield
  • Fixed a bug which caused rotors to function on a robot after being shot off
  • Fixed an issue with some speed boosts being inaccurate
  • Updated some missing character strings in non-English languages


  • Parties (Platoon and custom) may become disbanded if a user disconnects in that party
  • When reconnecting to a game, audio cues you’ve missed out on will be queued up and play when you load in. Also sound effects may be heard during battle loading for a reconnecting player.
  • If reconnecting while a mining point is being captured then the UI may temporarily be out of sync with the point progress
  • Reactor Values may be 1% out of sync if you reconnect to a battle
  • Reconnecting in a custom game doesn’t give you the custom values set in lobby