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Reconnect Coming Thursday


It Ain’t No Joke

After what seems like an eternity in development, we’re happy to announce that Reconnect will be coming to Robocraft on Tuesday Thursday April 5th. Yes, I know we’re announcing this on April 1st (more traditionally known as April Fools Day) and I’m sure you think we’re pulling your legs with a huge prank; but we’re not! Reconnect really will be coming on Thursday.

If you’re interested to know why disconnections happen and why it’s taken so long to implement, check out our recent Dev Jam.

Now, originally, we had planned to allow you to leave a battle currently in play if you got disconnected. However, upon further thoughts and discussions, the team decided it was unfair to those remaining in battle if you could simply leave it when you got disconnected. So, If you get disconnected in battle, you will see the following pop-up.


We know there’s an incredible amount of love for a certain weapon in the game; we receive feedback from both new and veteran players alike. It pleases us greatly to announce that along with the Reconnect feature, we’ll also be introducing a new MEGA weapon to the game…

Say hello to the Proto-Pursuer – AKA the MEGA PSK.


This Rare weapon type will have you dominating the battlefield in no time. Use it as a point defender or a lock-on attacker – It’s METATASTIC! Here’s a GIF of the weapon in action.


We will announce the full weapon data with the patch notes on release day Thursday.