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Rare Rumble BRAWL – 1.1.2333


    • BRAWL Name: Rare Rumble
    • BRAWL Description: Destroy your enemies on battlegrounds where legends will be born not played. In this Battle Arena BRAWL all Epic and Legendary parts are prohibited.
    • BRAWL Rules:
    • Game mode: Battle Arena
    • Map: All Battle Arena maps
    • Excluded parts: All Epic and Legendary parts – including both functional and cosmetic parts
    • BRAWL Prizes: First victory bonus – x2 XP + additional crate


  • Change to Damage Boost curve – Currently, we’re seeing that ‘Alpha Strike’ Robots around 750 CPU are too powerful and Robots around 1500 CPU aren’t powerful enough. To address this issue we’re making the following changes to the Damage Boost curve.



We feel these new changes will bring a better balance to Robot damage at all CPU ranges. If we had opted for a straight diagonal line from 100% down to 0% we would have penalized Robots around 1,100 CPU which we felt was unfair as Robots at this size were not the issue. We will continue to monitor your feedback and may make further adjustments if we feel they are needed.


  • Fixed Roboshield bug that was causing connection issues for some players
  • Increased the maximum vertical camera angle from 80° to 89.9° in both directions