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Ranked Match or Standard Match?

Ranked Match or Standard Match?

The ‘Battle Timer’ is back (anyone remember it?). This time it’s here in a new guise, as the rhythm of battle sways between ‘fun time’ and the time when you really need to hunker down and get serious. Bring it on!!!


– New ‘Battle Timer’ at the top of the HUD when you are in the Mothership
– The timer cycles every 10 minutes, 8 minutes for Standard Matches, and 2 minutes for Ranked Matches
– Enter at the right time to get a ‘Standard’ or ‘Ranked’ match
– The match is determined when it launches, not when you are in the lobby, so make sure you get in early enough if you want a ranked match
– Both Standard Matches and Ranked Matches will earn you RP and TP as before
– But, Ranked Matches are the only matches that will log your score to the Friends Leaderboard
– This system allows you to goof around and play seriously when you want to, whilst retaining high numbers of users in the Lobby to maintain low queue times and full matches 24/7
– NB: Ranked Matches will feature in the Robo-Leagues when they are launched also


– Feature unlocked at Tier 2
– Invite Friends via the Social Menu (or push ‘L’)
– See your Friends listed on the Friends Leaderboard in the Mothership
– See which Friends are online \ offline on the board vie the green \ red status indicators
– Each Tier from 2-10 has it’s own Friends leaderboard
– Your score is the average ‘Total RP’ taken over your last 15 Ranked Matches
– Your score is Total RP without Premium and before Repairs
– Your score will degrade slowly if you do not play for 30 days, to maintain a ‘live’ leaderboard


– Some old low Tier Plasma, Rail, Thruster, etc. cubes have now been made obsolete
– If you had any on your Robot or in your inventory they will have been removed and the RP and TP fully refunded at the full purchase price in the Depot
– Some of you have requested that we re-introduce the smaller Aerofoils, Thrusters, and Electroplates and we are looking for ways to do that in future


– 10% nerf of Rail Damage – we feel that the Rail Cannon gameplay needs to be improved. We will be working on this during next week. Thanks for all the feedback on this.
– 10% nerf Plasma Cannon damage
– BUG FIX: Wheel audio cutting out and going silent, is now fixed
– BUG FIX: Spawn bug in Mars #3 where you sometimes fall through the terrain, is now fixed
– BUG FIX: Cosmetic button in Depot and Inventory Screens how highlights properly
– PLATOONS: We know that these are bugged. We are working hard on a solution to fix the long queue times you are experiencing when in Platoons and the times when it breaks and you do not get games. We are hoping to release a hot fix on this in the next couple of days.


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  1. gendalv says
    21/08/2014, 14:31

    why no overall leaderboard? i’ve no friends playing in robocraft so ranked is kinda pointless for me

  2. Jamaicanmario18 says
    18/08/2014, 23:53

    i don’t understand while every weapon but the smgs got nerfed

    • Merlin509 says
      19/08/2014, 01:17


  3. BahuMan says
    18/08/2014, 14:49

    If you want to give your players a choice between standard or ranked, wouldn’t it make more sense to have them make an explicit choice?

    That would also give you the option to add more game types later on. (ranked CTF, unranked CTF, free-for-all, sandbox, …)

    • Double0Seven03 says
      21/08/2014, 01:44

      I want to see sandbox.

  4. WarDrone says
    16/08/2014, 20:16

    So you messed around with the reward repair cost in your favor I noticed and your designs for your Robots in robo-shop Are all an easy kill for any body with any weapon.
    I guess you think that because you used your crappy electroplates that they were good?
    You guessed wrong!!!
    You guys made the game but I think your a buncha Noobs when it comes to design and actually playing.
    You really do not give any incentive to go beyond Tier 4.
    You claim the game doesn’t start till tier 6 but what you really mean is the unbalance of reward vs’ repair starts then.
    I hope you some day figure out all the mistakes you are making in this game and fix them.

  5. Mattdogking says
    16/08/2014, 00:54

    Oh and by the way, can you make a solo thing like practice, but yet you can get money off it? It would help a lot for me, and i’m sure a lot of people. Then you wouldn’t HAVE to do multiplayer. A glitch has been happening where it teleports me in like after 2 minutes or like that after a multiplayer game has started, so the enemies kill me the instant I spawn, as they have gotten to our base. Also, another glitch is where before i teleport into a game, I have a black screen for a bit. It’s a game black screen. I’m not sure if that is just a glitch with the list of players going away and a black screen that i think is behind that stays there? I’m not sure, but please fix this. If i see any other bugs / glitches, I will tell you. Thanks Freejam for making Robocraft! 🙂

  6. Mattdogking says
    16/08/2014, 00:47

    Freejam, Did you really have to make some things obsolete? I can’t get money easilly, so all of my stuff was T1 blocks, now my robots are destroyed because of this. Also, what are the people who just joined right now as i speak going to do? The dang T2 stuff isn’t as cheap as the old T1 stuff, and some of the stuff has to be T3 of course as the minimum! Listen Freejam, most of the updates have been nice, but this obsolete blocks update is one of the bad ones. Please, Add them back. At least make an article of why you did it! Maybe then I could understand if i read that. But otherwise, please add them back. Also can you make tutorials of how to make good robots? Lol, i’m bad at making good robots….

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