Elimination Battlegrounds is Back!


After a short hiatus, BRAWL is back in-play and we’ve resurrected a fan favorite – the large team Elimination. We’ve increased the team sizes to 10 once more and turned off auto-heal; so you’re going to need some healing hands if your team is going to survive.


As a reward for winning, the first win bonus is triple XP and triple crates! Get those crates while they’re in-game as they’ll be leaving the Robocraft universe soon™.

The BRAWL will remain in play until Monday June 11th at 11:00 am (BST).


  • Game Mode: Elimination
  • Map: All six maps
  • Number of Players: 10 v 10
  • Minimum CPU: 250
  • Max CPU: 1,250
  • Permitted Weapons: All weapons and movement parts permitted
  • Special Rules: No auto-heal
  • First Win BRAWL Rewards: 3x XP + 3x Crates

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