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Preconnect Update – Coming Tomorrow


With reconnect coming soon™, it’s time for us to lay down the foundations for it being added to the game. Tomorrow, February 22nd, we’ll be releasing our ‘Preconnect Update’ which will bring with it improved networking code that, we hope, will reduce the number of disconnections players experience in Robocraft. We have tested the code thoroughly internally and have seen improvements, but we won’t know for sure until we release it into the wild.

In addition to the network code improvements, we’ll be celebrating the Winter Olympics with a special BRAWL, and making some changes and improvements to the Mortar weapon.

Maintenance will kick off at 10:00 (UTC) and we expect it to take two hours. Although please note this can be extended if we encounter any issues when deploying the update.


  • Improved networking code designed to reduce player disconnections in battle
  • RC Winter Games BRAWL – In celebration of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea, the E14 have decided to host their own Winter Games:
    • BRAWL rules:
      • Game Mode: The Pit
      • Permitted Movement type: Skis, Wheels, Hover, Tank Tracks and all three leg types
      • Maps: Gliese Lake, Spitzer Dam, Ophiuchus Valley


  • Mortar minimum world firing angle introduced. We’ve also made some additional changes to the Mortar:
  • Projectile Speed Increased
  • Projectile Range increased


  • XP for building A/B test removed – Having reviewed the analytical data for this test, we have opted not to add this feature to Robocraft at this time. Accounts that previously had the feature will no longer have it.
  • AFK timer reduced from 3 minutes to 90 seconds
  • Removed avatar images over player names in all battles


  • Mech Leg Talos mass corrected