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Yes, Platoons are here. The Platoons feature represents the first of a whole series of social features planned in Robocraft.

Here’s how it works:

  • Press ‘L’ to access the Social menu or access it via the TAB menu
  • Currently only the ‘Platoons’ tab is accessible, but this is where you will later access ‘Friends’ and ‘Clans’
  • To create a Platoon, simply ‘Invite’ other users to your platoon by typing their name in the box at the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Invite’
  • You can only Invite users who are online at the time
  • You must type the username correctly, including capital letters
  • The user will receive the invite in the form of a pop up message asking them to ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ your invite
  • Once the user has ‘accepted’ your invite they are in a Platoon with you
  • All users in a Platoon must declare they are ready for battle by hitting the ‘Battle’ button or pushing the ‘O’ keyboard shortcut
  • As soon as all users are entered for battle, the lobby will match-make your Platoon into a battle
  • Platoons are ‘match-made’ against the Tier of the most powerful Robot in your Platoon, so if you have a T10, and a T3, you will be in a T10 match
  • The MM also takes into account that a Platoon has an advantage as they are ‘working together’
  • All users can form a Platoon of up to 3, Premium users get an extra slot so can form Platoons of 4
  • Only the leader needs to have Premium to have 4 in a Platoon
  • The HUD will notify you if your Platoon members are waiting for you to join
  • If you invite others to join your Platoon you are the Platoon “leader”
  • If the Platoon leader goes offline the leader is passed automatically to another person in the Platoon
  • The ‘leader’ can choose to ‘remove’ users from their platoon at any time by clicking on the arrow button next to their name
  • Any user in a Platoon can choose to leave the platoon by clicking on the ‘Leave Platoon’ button at the bottom of the screen
  • Users can only be in one Platoon at a time
  • If you log out you automatically leave the Platoon
  • You can click ‘Send a message’ to setup a /w (i.e. a whisper) to that username

In order to bring you this feature as quickly as possible we have implemented it in a minimal way. There is a lot of room for improvement (for example the facility for allowing you to chat to your platoon and friends is terrible). We welcome your feedback on the feature on the forums so that we can get it perfect for you in future releases.

NB: Freejam are now working hard to release a set of MAJOR MAJOR frame-rate improvements that should eradicate LAG from the game, allow much lower end PC’s to play the game, and allow us to have more Robots in battle.

Who knows, maybe you will find yourself up against an all DEV Jammer Platoon in the near future 🙂


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  1. Kalacer says
    01/03/2014, 18:44

    Я не могу пригласить брата во взвод, я в вожу его ник правильно и пишет что он не в сети или что то типо этого, его ним KaMyHusT мой ник Klyapsa568

  2. Biu says
    22/02/2014, 13:41

    Отлично 🙂

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