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Plasma Tweaks, Bugs & New Lobby

Plasma Tweaks, Bugs & New Lobby

A quick update to make a few balance changes to Plasma Cannons, a few bug fixes, and to release a few improvements to the Lobby System.

Release: 0.6.036

– Goal of the changes is to reduce the effectiveness of ‘point blank Plasma shot-gun’ (just to reduce it, not nerf it altogether though as it is quite fun too)
– Another goal is to increase the effectiveness of the Plasma Cannon as a long range weapon
– Damage at the centre of the blast has been increased
– The blast radius now expands over the first 0.8 seconds of the flight of the projectile, from 10% of its size to 100%
– This means point blank shots do more damage, but in a very localised area
– Also, if you aim at a target very close to you and miss, you will not benefit from much splash damage
– At distance, the increased damage means your full blast radius can do much more damage than before, so if you hit something far away, you will hurt it
– Fire rate of a single Plasma Cannon has been slowed, so it ranges from 2 – 6 seconds, with 1 – 6 Plasma Cannons respectively
– The projectile velocity has been slowed slightly to make them a little easier to dodge, and the time in flight increased to maintain the same overall range

– The new Lobby screen has a lot more information on it, as follows:

Robots Ready = Number of Robots waiting in the queue for a battle at each Tier
Robots Online = Number of users online with a Robot in their Mothership at Tier ‘x’
NB: These users could be in battle, in the queue, or in the mothership chatting or building etc.
Servers Available = Number of servers waiting to server you a battle, one server per battle
Num Battles Today = The total number of battles that have been launches today, from midnight (UK time)

– We have fixed a bunch of bugs in the queue / lobby system that should once again, which should reduce your overall wait times
– The lobby system aim to create large full matches, but when there are not enough Robots in the queue at your Tier and if you’ve been waiting a long time, it may generate a game for you with less Robots in it

– Improved our release process, so when we release updates you don’t need to download so many files. This update should be just 50Mb as opposed to the usual 200Mb
– Fixed a bug where Plasma Cannon shells could sometimes shoot straight through the cubes in your own Robot
– Fixed the cross hair which now turns orange when your Plasma blast hits something
– Fixed an issue with registration where Outlook.com and Hotmail.com email address didn’t receive their authorisation email address


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  1. AXmotoSIS says
    17/03/2014, 16:08

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  2. baloneyjustice@gmail.com says
    17/03/2014, 11:45

    I hate plasma, and think it feels weird, (as in the targeting system has no inherent system to it so. I have no idea after a week of playing with it how to make it work reliably.) I do not get what the lines mean, or how the elevation of of the fire can be figured out.

    And it is hard to use.. because you always end up looking though your robot to fire it. So basically I always end up blind firing through my robot, hoping it will hit a enemy which never works.. Why is it slightly easy to use the laser robots to fire? I put plasma on my old laser tank, and it feel like you did something to the camera angle just to make sure you have to look though your robot. It’s annoying and I do not see how it helps.

    • jumpylink02 says
      17/03/2014, 14:18

      same here

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