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Ninja Artbot Competition – Longlist Announcement


In our most recent Artbot Competition, we tasked you with creating awesome ninja robots and while the rules stated that your creations must include all six parts of the Ninja Cosmetic, we didn’t say that they needed to be together. Many of you took it as an opportunity to do something a bit different and get really creative with your builds.

As usual, we were inundated with some great ninja-themed robots, so thank you to everyone that took the time to create and upload one or two to the CRF. Here are our favourite 30 (sorted in alphabetical order); we’ll announce the winners in this week’s Robostream on Friday June 9th from 16:00 (UTC+1) over on Twitch.

You’ll find all the entries on the CRF; do let us know your favorites over on our forums.

  1. DB15 – Terrible Ninja – Lenox_D_Black
  2. Db15 2Fast4You – sudigum123
  3. DB15 Air Bender – XR0b0_BasherX
  4. DB15 Beast Tamer Ninja – InsaneLiving
  5. DB15 Bumper Ninja Car – Sheep_wielder
  6. DB15 Cyber Warrior – TrueFormFreeze
  7. DB15 Dragon Fighter – GreninjaDragon
  8. DB15 Escape Ninja – hanbunkomix
  9. DB15 flying ninja – darkstripe
  10. DB15 flying ninja kick – larrygee
  11. DB15 Genji ultimate V2 – Caesar277
  12. DB15 MiniMe Ninja – Awolfrobot
  13. Db15 MotoNinja – schuka
  14. DB15 nin joe robo mk1 – thedeathwalkermech2.0
  15. DB15 Ninja on Ninja – moss972
  16. DB15 Ninja Puppeteer – Shiradon
  17. DB15 Ninja Snow Girl – Para-Sita
  18. DB15 ninja vs demon – tipozmiy1
  19. DB15 Ninja vs Sumo – Vasdef
  20. DB15 overkill Ninja – Yulric
  21. DB15 Pilot3 – bellaz174
  22. DB15 Puppeteer – Andry42
  23. DB15 Shadow Ninja – qwertyse2
  24. DB15 Shinobi – Artjomski
  25. DB15 The Last Battle – john12345
  26. DB15 The Last Thunder – Edkraren
  27. DB15 The Red Ninja
  28. DB15 ZOOM – Sushipizza611
  29. DB15, THE 2ND – Arkbinger
  30. DB15yamatoucasser – pofacil