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Next Week – Launcher

Next Week – Launcher

A quick update on what’s going on at Freejam on Robocraft.

Seb’s been working hard on a ‘Launcher’ for Robocraft. We’re aiming to launch this next week and this will put an end to you needing to download the full installer every time we do an update. It also means that your downloads will be smaller as the launcher will only download the files that have changed since the last update you received.

Bri’s been working on getting the AI Bots to shoot you back. He’s got that working now and says they are way to dangerous and they tear you apart, so we’re putting in some stuff to make them a little more “human” so they miss sometimes etc. He’ll also be putting in an auto-repair feature. So, when AI and other players shoot your Robot and your Chassis cubes get destroyed the auto-repair will kick in and replace them. This will cost a small amount of RP’s, i.e. 1 per Chassis Cube, but we’ll be increasing the amount of RP’s that the Bot’s drop when you shoot them by 3-5 times as much so you should always be earning more RP’s than you’re losing and if you’re skilled and don’t get shot too much then you’ll be really getting a lot of RP’s fast. We will be putting the costs up in the Depot at this point, but we’ll put the costs up by less than we increase when the Bots drop so you’ll definitely be getting an RP boost with this update – unless you’re a really bad shot 🙂

Ed’s been working on the multiplayer. We have a server hosted on Amazon now which you’ll be able to connect to when it goes live. We have played it between us shooting each other and it is a lot of fun. We had some bugs where you were sure you hit the other player but nothing happened, which Ed has fixed now. We’re just working on some smoothing on the motion of the players when the net traffic gets laggy and then we’ll start work on the UI that will allow you to join and fight each other.

Ric’s away on vacation this week and has left me with a ton of new interfaces to prepare and get into the game. The first of those is the Tech Tree which i’m working on. That won’t be live for a couple of weeks yet though. In between things i’m working on a new cube that will detect enemies nearby. It’s a radar dish that you put on your Robot and it points to the nearest enemy. Put two on your Robot and it’ll point to the two nearest enemies etc. After that we’ll put in the RP Collector cube as that’s the one that’s winning out in our website poll.


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  1. Samo says
    18/06/2013, 10:46

    Ric hope you enjoy your vacation 🙂 don’t late on us we used on you 😉

  2. imaginarycheeseman says
    16/06/2013, 16:48

    Mark. Me and TeddyTeam are brothers.

    • TheTeddyTeam says
      17/06/2013, 15:36

      Indeed, we are.

  3. Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
    16/06/2013, 07:58

    To answer your question on the Launcher, it will work much like WOT, Planetside, etc. you just run the launcher, it will auto-update your game to the latest version if any files have changed, and you’ll then launch the game from a button in the bottom right. You’ll always keep your Robots, your cubes, and your RP wallet intact every time. Once the launcher goes live we’ll begin moving your save data to our servers in the cloud, so then your data will be safe even if your computer goes wrong. You’ll also be able to log in to Robocraft on someone elses computer using your login details and you’re save data and Robots will be there to. It also means users won’t be able to hack the game so easily, it’ll be much more secure which will make the multiplayer fair for everyone.

    • TheTeddyTeam says
      17/06/2013, 15:32

      Ok, sounds cool. Thanks for answering my question and good luck on the development 😀

  4. Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
    16/06/2013, 07:55

    Welcome TeddyTeam, Ric’s just showing off that he’s on vacation in New Zealand whilst we’re all slugging it away on the multiplayer, launcher, and Bot AI deadliness. You can tell he’s missing us all on Robocraft though as he’s on the blog from the other side of the world 🙂

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