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New Update – ICE Planet

New Update – ICE Planet

Welcome to the gloriously vast and forbidding ice planet GJ1214b also known as super-Earth – situated outside our solar system and discovered 2009 and recently studied by the Kepler telescope sent from Earth, Don’t be fooled by the tranquil and sunny day at Sector 1, temperatures crash frighteningly below freezing and snow blizzards will dominate future GJ1214b maps so wrap up warm.

Radars are a must in this environment, and team cooperation is essential to stop this base racing business – Go and explore my children, Go and blast the frostbitten cubes off your foes and bury them in the snow 🙂

ICE PLANET (codename GJ1214b):
– First Ice Planet map
– Much larger than Mars
– Same gravity and atmosphere density as Mars
– Ice surfaces are very slippery

– Damage increased on weapons at the high tier, to reduce the time it takes to destroy Robots
– Robot Ranking increased on high powered weapons, to make it less likely they will appear at low Tier
– Fire rate has been reduced for a single weapon, and recoil reduced, to reduce gun-chairing and make it fairer when high tiered guns come into low tiered matches
– RP gained from damage increased by 100%
– RP gained from kills reduced by 25%
– RP cost of repair reduced by 50%
– Time to repair reduced by 50%
– Base capture time increased by 50% to 90 seconds for a single Robot on base

– Mars maps #1 and #2 tweaked to add additional defensive positions, and to reduce ‘race to base’ game-play
– New cube: Inner corner, in all varieties
– New ‘delete cube’ feature, hold down the right mouse button and hover up those cubes
– Bevel removed from all cubes, this is an important step towards Megabots
– New ‘MOD’ tools, MODS can now /warn, any user receiving 3 warnings from MODS will be automatically suspended
– Users will not be able to enter battle until they have clicked ‘OK’ on a warning issued by a MOD
– We also have support for ‘silent MODS’, i.e. mods with the tag [MOD] – DEV’s now highlighted with a [DEV] tag

– Platoons: This work is nearly complete, we will be launching this feature next week
– Plasma Cannons: Brian will be restarting work on these this week, so we’re about 2-3 weeks away
– Megabots: HUGE leaps have been made on this, we now have a 50,000 cube megabot being annihilated by 10 x T10 Robots with L5 Lasers all firing simultaneously at 40 fps on our min spec PC, so we’re nearly there :)

GJ 1214b_screnshots01


GJ 1214b_screnshots02


GJ 1214b_screnshots03


GJ 1214b_screnshots04




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