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New Release – RP Collector and Enemy Radar

New Release – RP Collector and Enemy Radar

A bumper new release today with loads of goodies (see below).

To install, just download it, and install it. If you’ve already got a previous version, simply install it over the top of the old one and you’ll keep all your save progress, cubes and Robots from before. This is the last time you’ll need to download the installer as next week we’ll release the Launcher.

Make sure your installer says version number 0.1.195 when you install it as sometimes the CDN can take a while to update the download link to the latest version depending on where you are in the world.

Main features are:

  • Bots Fight Back!
  • NEW CUBE: RP Collector L1-L4 cubes added to Depot
  • NEW CUBE: Enemy Radar L1-L3 cubes added to Depot
  • Loads more bots added, including those submitted by madattak and samo
  • Your Robot now gets damaged, only Chassis cubes get destroyed
  • Auto-Repair feature added

Some other tweaks:

  • Accuracy on Laser Cannons improved
  • Rotation speed of the Laser Cannons improved
  • Recoil and impact force on low level Laser Cannons reduced

Some bug fixes:

  • Controls no longer screw up when you go back to the Mothership whilst looking down at your Robot (thanks spudymark for the repro on that)
  • Guns now aim where you’re pointing always, there was a bug were they would sometimes not track your cursor
  • Camera orientation when you get back to the Mothership is as it was when you entered the pilot seat

Once you’ve played this update, get on the forums and let us know your feedback.


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  1. builderbrick says
    20/08/2013, 22:56

    Rp collector looks like landmine I like it

  2. Lightnick27 says
    20/08/2013, 22:12

    i got the enemy radar but I don’t have the rp collector 🙁

    • Seb (Tech Jammer, Freejam) says
      20/08/2013, 22:40

      RP collector is obsolete

  3. Teaman22 says
    29/06/2013, 20:50

    again learn of the forums

  4. Lightlord8534 says
    29/06/2013, 12:11

    theres this wierd round thing on my screen

    • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
      01/07/2013, 10:52

      What “weird round thing” you talking about Dager140 ? Can you post a bug post on the Tech Support forum please with a screenshot if it’s a bug?

  5. Dager140 says
    26/06/2013, 01:18


  6. Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
    25/06/2013, 05:57

    00robert00 we’ve got loads more optimisation we can do. We’ still rendering eay too many draw calls and we now how to fix things like that but we’re trying to balance our time between these kinds of optimisations and new fefatures at the moment.

    Make sure you set your graphics quality level low on the config dialogue at the start, and try setting your resolution lower as well, this will help the frame-rate.

  7. Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
    25/06/2013, 05:53

    Drachan, you’ll fine that you really dont lose that many RP’s in combat at all as it’s only your chassis cubes that are hurt. You’ll also find you are earning on average 10x more RP’s than you lose. We’ve designed it so that you should really notice that your losing many RP’s at all.

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