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New Release – No more LAG-BOTS

New Release – No more LAG-BOTS

Blast more enemies to increase your Robot’s Ranking which then allows you to place more cubes – simple right ?


  • ROBOT RATING: Possibly an end to “lag-bots”? You cannot enter Online Battles or AI Bots unless your Robot is inside your maximum Robot Rating. Can you build an awesome winning Robot within the Robot Rating?
  • MAX ROBOT RATING: increases as you Level Up. Robot Rating is 10.00 max at Level 100
  • LEVEL 100: Level 100 can now be achieved
  • 8 PLAYER ON SERVERS: We’ve increased the number of players that can be on the Multiplayer servers to 8, we’ll increase it again to 10 shortly
  • 2 SERVERS: We’ve now got 2 game servers. If your Robot has a ranking of 2.4 or higher you will be on the big guns server, if you’re under 2.4 you’ll be on the noob server



  • Accuracy of Laser Cannons improved
  • Daily Reward is now issued from the game server
  • Fixed a bug that stopped bots spawning after getting to around 25-30 kill count
  • Made higher level bots spawn slightly earlier
  • Increased range on Enemy Radars
  • Fixed a bug where the Battle Event Stream HUD was not reporting how many kills each user had properly
  • Improved collision on the wheels to help make them more stable when cornering and easier to put close together when building Robots
  • Raised the height of the player camera when driving so your Robot gets in the way less often


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  1. bobman9909 says
    22/08/2013, 02:44

    how do u get in this thing i am new message me i am bobman9909 at roblox.com or comment here so i can enjoy this like u people!

  2. Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
    06/08/2013, 10:43

    thanks – fixed 🙂

  3. builderbrick says
    05/08/2013, 23:58

    On change #3 you wrote bug as big.

  4. Jerrythehero123 says
    02/08/2013, 19:26

    my level for some reason had been reset three times now DX looks like I wont have a very strong hovercraft

  5. Voidwalker says
    02/08/2013, 05:03

    Id say the rating maximum is a bit low. I would make it 15 or 20.

    • Vixen of Robocraft (aBritishfox) says
      02/08/2013, 09:12

      My robot was a rank 13.95…WAY too high…I had to hold my tears as I deleted it…Poor robot.

      • Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
        02/08/2013, 09:38

        Because the ranking has two decimal places it is effectively out of 1000, ie you can place 1000 chassis cubes if your player ranking was 10.00
        This is just a starting point for us though, we are going to extend max ranking today i think and thus more cubie-goodness 🙂

        Yeah i had to do the same thing with my machine, ultimately this means a more level playing field, later it means we can player match so you don’t get nailed by a robot ranked 10.99 if your ranking is only 2.13. when the garage lands you will be able to store robots of different rankings and fight at whatever tier you like.

      • Vixen of Robocraft (aBritishfox) says
        02/08/2013, 10:19

        Also have like an evolution of your robot.

      • Pwning_melon says
        11/08/2013, 01:36

        I will not delete another robot -.-
        my robots are not even that complex my tank had 2 guns and my new plane cant even fly
        i love your game i like the idea but make it so we can get 0.35 every level or so please.
        (or more if you feel like it :P)

  6. Voidwalker says
    02/08/2013, 04:51


  7. derder1167 says
    02/08/2013, 03:30

    i have an issue that i dont gain money from battles

    • AwesomeNinja474 says
      02/08/2013, 17:27

      hey, haven’t I destroyed you before?

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