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New Release – Curiosity Arrives

New Release – Curiosity Arrives

Just a small update this week as most of our time is being spent on the big things like AI Shooting you back, Multiplayer, Launcher, and Tech Tree.

Main features of this new release are:

  • Improved the handling of the wheels, added a differential, added acceleration, and pushed the top speed up a bit
  • Boosted the power of the Thrusters at all levels
  • Increased density of AI bots, you’ll see them a lot more often now, there are always 8 bots roaming the environment at any one time
  • Improved performance allowing us to do above
  • Added 3 new bots, the one in the featured picture is called “Curiosity” :), see if you can find the surprise inside (actually it’s just a Pilot Seat and not Peter Molyneux but will still get you a good bunch of RP’s for your efforts).
  • Added some more lights to some of the older bots so they are easier to see in the dark
  • Fixed the bug which caused the Thruster special effects to not play sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where the game crashed when you exit
  • Added an extra level, you can now reach Level 15


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  1. RoboCraftian1 says
    09/08/2013, 20:03

    Edit: 7 you spelled bug as big. I know this post is old but just saying 🙂

    • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
      12/08/2013, 11:05

      Well spotted RoboCraftian1, i’ve fixed it now. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. shardwalker says
    20/06/2013, 17:15

    i just installed the alpha (because i have been using the beta without knowing) and love the lasers and i have the smallest bot ever but it probably has the most guns on the smallest bot ever!!!! 😀

  3. 00robert00 says
    16/06/2013, 18:44

    i love this game and i cant wait for more. it is ameizing i would love if you could add some sort of way to make turents out of cubes in stead of using the in game turent(my englich sucks)

  4. AgentL3r says
    16/06/2013, 17:27

    Ive been seeing this alot

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