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OK, so this is a bonus interim update before the monster multiplayer build coming on Monday, I can’t wait, the excitement is killing me 🙂

MAJOR FEATURE: Game Registration and Login is here. Create your accounts for multiplayer now!

NOTE: This registration is separate to your forum website login so everyone needs to register when in game. If you’ve been a long term user on the forums and someone uses your username in game, please let Freejam know via the ‘Contact Us’ page and we’ll reset that account so that you all get your logins as per the forum.


NEW FEATURE: Battle Bonus, includes the Kill Chain Bonus and the Noob Bonus – who can post the biggest ‘Kill Chain’ bonus to the forum?

NEW FEATURE: Tech Points, you earn them when you kill robots, and spend them in the Tech Tree to unlock cubes in the Depot

NEW FEATURE: Simple ‘Settings’ screen allow you to set Full Screen Mode, Resolution, and Graphics Quality, so standard Unity config setup has been removed



  • “Gun Alternator” implemented, so big powerful lasers are always better than small weak ones
  • Menu Tabs added in the Inventory, Depot, and Tech Tree so you can use your mouse to swap between them
  • Added 1, 2 and 3 keys as alternative short-cuts to the Inventory, Depot and Tech Tree respectively
  • Helium Tank cubes more powerful \ useful, i.e. less drag, more upwards lift
  • 50% increase in force delivered by all Thrusters, they also have a reduction in thrust based on a max velocity built in
  • Improved the way accuracy works on Laser Cannons so that you lose a little accuracy when moving and when repeatedly firing
  • L5 lasers are now noticeably more accurate than L1 lasers, even when moving and repeatedly firing



  • “Placement Glitch” fixed
  • Fixed the shadow flickering in the mothership


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  1. Carabus says
    20/07/2013, 20:08

    >>Helium Tank cubes more powerful \ useful, i.e. less drag, more upwards lift

    Could you guys please update its description with the new stats whatever they are? It still says -7,5kg weight as it did before.

    Same applies to thrusters which gut buffed but the descriptions still show the old values.

  2. giuseppeo says
    15/07/2013, 17:30

    its today

  3. Teaman22 says
    14/07/2013, 10:03


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