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NEW RELEASE 0.1.195 – RP Collector and Enemy Radar

NEW RELEASE 0.1.195 – RP Collector and Enemy Radar

Main features are:
– Bots Fight Back!
– NEW CUBE: RP Collector L1-L4 cubes added to Depot
– NEW CUBE: Enemy Radar L1-L3 cubes added to Depot
– Loads more bots added, including those submitted by madattak and samo
– Your Robot now gets damaged, only Chassis cubes get destroyed
– Auto-Repair feature added

Some other tweaks:
– Accuracy on Laser Cannons improved
– Rotation speed of the Laser Cannons improved
– Recoil and impact force on low level Laser Cannons reduced

Some bug fixes:
– Controls no longer screw up when you go back to the Mothership whilst looking down at your Robot (thanks spudymark for the repro on that)
– Guns now aim where you’re pointing always, there was a bug were they would sometimes not track your cursor
– Camera orientation when you get back to the Mothership is as it was when you entered the pilot seat


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  1. egor_2 says
    05/09/2014, 10:58

    I want to tell you today in direct impact. you are super! (sorry for the scaffold English)

    • Little_RGM says
      19/09/2014, 06:21

      Yes waac is right wtf

  2. waac says
    05/09/2014, 10:57


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