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Really excited to bring you this new update and it’s available now!  Just download and install and you’re away. If you’ve played Robocraft before then all your old save data will stay so you won’t lose your cubes or your latest project

We’ve totally revamped the Mars environment, it’s much larger, load less places to get snagged, and it’s been overhauled so looks lush now.

We added a Day and Night cycle too, and we’ve added a Headlamp to the starting inventory as you’ll need it when night time comes.

You’ll also be happy to know that the frame-rate has been drastically improved when playing on Mars.

Get on the forums and give us your feedback once you’ve given the new update a spin.

Full Release Notes


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  1. Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
    11/06/2013, 07:49

    We’re working on it at the moment. We did tweak the values that control how the max speed drops off as you add weight and it looks like that is the cause of the drop in speed. We’re also trying to improve the handling, etc. further.

  2. Carabus says
    10/06/2013, 10:51

    Or maybe the ground has more resistance now?

  3. madattak
    madattak says
    08/06/2013, 12:33

    Anything to do with suspension? The description says overloading wheels slows them down.

  4. Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
    08/06/2013, 11:37

    The handling did change, but we didn’t intentionally slow down the wheels. It’s possible it is a side effect of the handling changes. I’ll take a look at this Monday and will see if I can get a quick update out to fix these issues.

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