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– Laser Cannons, you can now destroy other Robots using these; we’re confident you’re going to like these 🙂
– 1 x Top Mount laser cannon L1 added to your starting inventory
– Top and Front mount options are available in the Cube Depot
– Robo points ejected from the AI bots as you destroy \ damage them; you get 1 RP for each cube you shoot
– Putting multiple laser cannons on your Robots will seriously increase their fire rate as each laser will take turns firing

– Overhauled the Cube Inventory so it’s got a consistent presentation and function to the Cube Depot
– Help dialogue pops up the first time you access the Depot and Inventory explaining the function of these interface screens (to help new users)
– Slightly increased the movement speed of the player in build mode
– Thrusters very slightly boosted in power
– Added a couple of extra AI bots
– Game now remembers the last cube you were holding when you return to Build Mode
– RP costs of items in the Depot increased a bit as you’re getting hundreds more RP’s now you can destroy the other Robots

– Bots no longer eject 1000 RP’s until you are at a high enough level, this is to prevent you jumping through multiple levels in one go
– Cube cursor was appearing in the wrong place sometimes when building, this has been fixed
– Cube sprites in the Depot and Inventory screens were being squished and cut off at the edges, they are now rendering correctly
– Cube you are holding no longer intersects the ground or cubes in your Robot
– Cheat console can no longer be accessed
– Edge of world forcefield effect is no longer appearing on the floor on the planet surface
– Head of Avatar no longer going through the floor when your Robot is upside down
– Camera retains same position and orientation you left it in before you teleported to the planet surface
– Depot screen no longer appears white in the Mothership when you return from the planet – Some situations where the game prevented you placing a cube when you should have been able to have been fixed


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  1. Legioneer says
    05/09/2014, 10:59

    Is this old news, why is it hanging there?

  2. shs says
    05/09/2014, 10:58

    Lol. Where is moderator? This is old news:

    • Legioneer says
      05/09/2014, 11:00


  3. ecoo13 says
    05/09/2014, 10:54

    If you keep maintain everyday,I may give up this game!!!

    • SawyerTheTOGII says
      05/09/2014, 11:00

      This is the first time ive seen Robocraft down. They have run into a wall they didn’t expect and they are trying to resolve it for us so we, the players can enjoy the game.

  4. egor_2 says
    05/09/2014, 10:51

    tell me when you start the game. we have been waiting for! (sorry for bad English)

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