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New Poll on the Front Page

New Poll on the Front Page

We just put a new poll on the front page of the Robocraft website so get your votes in now.

What multiplayer improvement would you like to see go into the game next?


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  1. GodOfGamingForums says
    26/07/2013, 03:02

    i vote for us to be able to talk to each other
    and i have a new idea for votage too

    • GodOfGamingForums says
      26/07/2013, 03:03

      voting dont work anyways but idc

      • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
        26/07/2013, 09:00

        What do you mean ‘voting don’t work’? We’ve had a fair few votes so far.

      • GodOfGamingForums says
        26/07/2013, 13:58

        when i click the voting page thing nothing happens

      • GodOfGamingForums says
        26/07/2013, 13:58

        plus do you like my voting idea?

    • GodOfGamingForums says
      26/07/2013, 03:04

      i also vote

      fix magor lag

    • Jerrythehero123 says
      03/08/2013, 22:05

      The reason teaming probably wont be added is because it would be WAY overpowered if two people just kept killing everyone

  2. Carabus says
    20/07/2013, 08:52

    Camera really needs to be fixed. Right now it is almost impossible to fight flying robots with a ground one. You can’t even see them, you only hear them shooting and see laser shots coming from above.

  3. SamoTheBest says
    19/07/2013, 14:19

    Cool 😀 i will vote :3

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