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New Mars map – sneak preview

A sneak preview of the new Mars map – Sector 2A.

1 – The level has a lot more vertical tiers and clearer defined paths to help focus battles at key pinch points
2 – A tunnel at one pinch point should stop flyers raining down on your during heated battles, having said that I love flying though the new tunnel but it makes you vulnerable 🙂
3 – There is a unique meteor cratered floor at the center of the level, only Hover Blade robots and tank tracks will be able to negotiate this route.
4 – The bridge in this level is much more central and exposed from many angles, cross it at your peril.
5 – Metal girders span one of the larger canyon sections to dissuade flyers from sneak attacks
6 – You might notice clearings at opposite ends of the map, these areas will be the spawn points for team gameplay which is coming soon.


Robocraft_Mars_S2A_screnshot01 Robocraft_Mars_S2A_screnshot02 Robocraft_Mars_S2A_screnshot03 Robocraft_Mars_S2A_screnshot04 Robocraft_Mars_S2A_screnshot05


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  1. teslobo says
    01/10/2013, 19:52

    Metal rods sticking out of the wall- finally an anti-flyer zone!

  2. imaginarycheeseman says
    01/10/2013, 18:06

    I like this map a lot. I wish I could create maps that good.

  3. Mrepic1 says
    01/10/2013, 17:14

    this is real nice

  4. robofight says
    01/10/2013, 16:16


  5. madattak
    Dr Freeman (madattak) says
    01/10/2013, 16:12

    Cool! When Ric? WHEN!?

    • Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
      01/10/2013, 16:55

      Still aiming for this week, right now i am actually hovering around the new map so both features are very close to completion 🙂

  6. Coffee Fox (aBritishfox) says
    01/10/2013, 15:06

    Awesome, this is more of a obstacle track than a battlefield, I love it!

  7. bitingcold says
    01/10/2013, 14:41

    A horizontal slalom course for fliers! Awesome!

  8. RoboCraftian1 says
    01/10/2013, 11:35

    I like the bumpy terrain with bits and pieces of cover scattered around to ambush robots. Can’t wait for the update ^_^

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