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New Launcher – Please download and re-install

New Launcher – Please download and re-install

We’ve just released a new version of the launcher which fixes a major issue which prevented a number of users from being able to play the Robocraft.

Unfortunately this change affected both the game client and the launcher which means we need to get everyone to update their launcher (which is something we try to avoid) so our apologies for that.

Please download the latest version of the Launcher from the website and then run the game via the new launcher.


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  1. ortokiller123 says
    22/08/2013, 19:14

    i cant get in to the lancher

  2. SpaceScarab says
    16/08/2013, 15:14

    I want to play this game, but when i want to sign into the game, it says: GeneralError; 404 Not Found 🙁

    Can anybody help me?

  3. Lightlord8534 says
    10/08/2013, 19:36

    Thanks and i have a slow computer which makes things harder

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