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New Feature – Tech Tree

New Feature – Tech Tree

The Tech Tree is now in the game. Download the Launcher here and update your game and you’ll get this great new feature.

Use the Tech Tree to unlock new cubes in the Cube Depot. Can you unlock them all?

One of the the key features of the Tech Tree is the fact that you can only unlock cubes with Robo Points (RP), where as in the Cube Depot you can buy the cubes you have unlocked with both RP and Galaxy Cash (GC).

This feature is designed to ensure that Robocraft remains a fair playing field for both paying and non-paying users by ensuring that all users must unlock the cubes via the Tech Tree first before they can buy them.

Some other improvements and fixes in this release below:

  • MAJOR FEATURE: Launcher now automatically updates the game, ensures you’re always playing the latest version, and displays the latest news from this website blog
  • Added Levels all the way up to 50 now. Who’s going to get to 50 first?
  • Added in a lot of extra Robomaster help for new users
  • Fixed the Bots that had no weapons at L3 and L4 including Ric 1, Carrier, and Wedge
  • Polished the Auto-Repair sequence so camera less bugged and timing improved
  • Added in new Bots from sent from the forum, thanks to Bubba, Phil, AgentL3r and ninjadude for those


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  1. madattak
    Dr Freeman (madattak) says
    13/08/2013, 09:49

    I just noticed the robot crawler I made is called a Samobot, did you think it looked like him? 😛

  2. Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
    08/07/2013, 09:57

    Hi Sebpar, we’re in the process of changing the Tech Tree from RP to ‘Tech Points’. Tech Points will be awarded when you completely destroy other Robots. We’ll review the TP costs once we have made that change. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. sebpar says
    08/07/2013, 04:22

    i love this game its amazing and i bet if all goes will it might become better then minecraft but i HATE the tree teach ether please take it out or make it WAY cheaper its like 30000 to be able to use the lv4 gun or thruster and that is total unreasonable so please do something about it but besides that i love this game and please don’t stop impruving

  4. Huskyman06 says
    03/07/2013, 23:34

    Awesome but … is their a possiblity that you already have high level stuff but it tells you to unlock anyways?

  5. Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
    30/06/2013, 13:42

    The reason we’ve put the cost of unlocking Helium Cubes in the Tech Tree so high is because they are quite an advanced cube type, so for new users we’d prefer they learn the game by unlocking the simpler cube types first such as more powerful wheels or Laser Cannons. Once unlocked the Helium cube is quite cheap in the depot.

  6. Teaman22 says
    29/06/2013, 20:50

    Back from France missed loads! and neil you qon’t beat bots and robo he dosn’t have youtube but


  7. Lightlord8534 says
    29/06/2013, 11:35

    5000 for hellum tanks to get!

    • RoboDude says
      29/06/2013, 15:20


      wat is it for?
      post a vid of it

  8. Lightlord8534 says
    29/06/2013, 11:32

    time to murder bots now 😀

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