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Multiplayer Update

Multiplayer Update

OK, time for multiplayer update number (Version 108), the really cool stuff to go in is the Player list on the HUD so you can see who is currently in the level and an event streamer that tells you who killed who etc. 

Main Features
No more RP gems, you get the RP’s as you do damage automatically
          NB: RP Collectors made obsolete and RP’s reimbursed
          Player List HUD
          Battle Event Stream HUD
          Lasers SFX improved and render though the depth of field

Other Fixes
          Noob bonus always awarded before repair as opposed to after so you don’t end up not being able to afford the repair
          Game loads in background, so if you tab to another application the game will continue to load
          Robots built with Helium cubes in a specific way are no longer indestructible
          Mirror effects on Mothership floor are turned off on lower graphics settings which improves FPS quite a bit when building Robots


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  1. Lightlord8534 says
    04/08/2013, 17:16

    Speak to mark To solve your problem 😉

  2. Krystiantwenty1 says
    04/08/2013, 15:45

    freeman do you know what is happening to me? I really want to play the game.. I will be glad if you will help

  3. robofight says
    04/08/2013, 15:16


  4. Krystiantwenty1 says
    04/08/2013, 15:12

    Plus the game videos are amazing

  5. Krystiantwenty1 says
    04/08/2013, 15:09

    I really need help! D:

  6. Krystiantwenty1 says
    04/08/2013, 15:05

    Someone help I cant open the server there’s a problem about retrieving the server… D:

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