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Multiplayer Focus – Kill Chain Boosted

Multiplayer Focus – Kill Chain Boosted

So, now the multiplayer servers are much more stable we can support round-the-clock multiplayer battles. So we are making a bunch of changes to make the focus of the game the online multiplayer experience.

Here are the changes in this release:

  • Kill Chain Bonus significantly increased in multiplayer, just a few kills – which is pretty hard anyway – will get you a descent reward
  • AI Bots mode changed to Practice Mod, note, you can now only earn RP and TP via the Battle Mode online
  • Sandbox Mode has been removed

Bugs fixes:

  • MAJOR BUG FIX: Player Level was increasing at a much higher rate than it should have been, this has been fixed. All those who gained a high level from this bug will keep their high level (otherwise it would have meant dropping everyone’s level by a lot and that would have destroyed your Robots)
  • Cubes no longer sometimes randomly get destroyed on your Robot when playing in multiplayer
  • Cloud login should be more reliable
  • Spawn orientation has been improved so you don’t find yourself facing a wall sometimes

Planned features \ fixes:

  • Garage
  • Hover Thruster Cube L1-L5
  • Multiplayer Death Match – fixed round (this is an interim step towards Team Capture the Enemy Base)
  • Leaderboards – on the screens in the Mothership
  • More Robo Tips based on website poll


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  1. megacron says
    01/09/2013, 15:16


  2. vbgas says
    01/09/2013, 05:38

    I’m level 18 going against 50s in matches is this right???

    • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
      02/09/2013, 09:53

      Yes, i’m afraid there are only two servers so once you get over a certain level you end up fighting on one big server with everyone. We’ll be adding some more tiers and more servers very soon. When that stuff goes live you will be able to see what ‘tier’ you will be playing in before you enter so will be able to make your Robot fit the tier you want to play in.

  3. hiIH3333 says
    24/08/2013, 17:35

    Please put RP/TP back into AI mode. Right now i’m working on getting lots of money, thing is NO ONE IS ON. So guys what should I do?

    • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
      27/08/2013, 09:34

      The servers had crashed during this time which is why you were not seeing anyone online. We went into the studio on the weekend after this happened and put in an automatic hourly reset on the servers and since then we seem to have had players playing throughout the weekend.

      • madattak
        Dr Freeman (madattak) says
        01/09/2013, 10:53

        Heh, I decided to use your tactic and instead of fixing one of the scripts in my ROBLOX game it now just resets itself each hour. Crude but effective and time efficient.

  4. GoldArmour29 says
    24/08/2013, 03:36

    I can’t find any1 on the server

  5. SSJ4GOGETA says
    23/08/2013, 00:46

    I got a few ideas ( and I don’t expect them to be put through right away)
    1. Landing Gear
    2.Be able to change the directing of which the thruster is pointing without having to put another one
    3.More XP for bravery please Im a noob D:

    PS: Yodaman your rock you killed me like so many times last time I fought u

    • Yodaman598 says
      23/08/2013, 01:14


  6. RyanJG3 says
    22/08/2013, 23:16

    So many new players to own…

  7. RyanJG3 says
    22/08/2013, 22:58

    Your robot ranking is how they put you in servers (I think) so you have to downgrade your robot a bit so you can get there. I did it. Killing new players if fun sometimes .

  8. RyanJG3 says
    22/08/2013, 22:54

    Yodaman, just go down to new player servers like I did.

    • Rod says
      22/08/2013, 22:56

      but how

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