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More progress in your Launcher

More progress in your Launcher

We’ve just released a new version of the game Launcher.

You DO NOT need to download this if you don’t want to, it is a minor update.


– Progress bar updates during the ‘Verifying files’ stage, previously the progress bar just ‘hang’ for a while during this step
– Progress bar updates to show the download progress much more clearly – previously the progress bar would ‘skip’ to the end and just update in the final 1/3rd of the progress

If you want this download, just click the main ‘download’ button on the front of the web page and re-install the launcher over the top of your old one.


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  1. jimmy68062 says
    08/11/2013, 10:17

    help it wont launch piz help

    • Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
      08/11/2013, 15:52

      Please send your user name and details of the problem including screen shots to info@freejamgames.com

  2. joshyboy 9 says
    07/11/2013, 16:41

    i am not able to download the game i have got the launcher but i have known about the game for a month now and i have not been able to play or download it once

  3. skylertheman40 says
    04/11/2013, 23:36

    something needs to be done about the lag of in the game =/ I can only play when there is very little players so I dont lag.

    • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
      05/11/2013, 08:27

      We are work on the lag \ frame-rate issues. It will get better and better over the next few weeks with each and every update.

      • skylertheman40 says
        05/11/2013, 20:54

        Ok, the lag seems to be coming from the cannons rays. I am not sure if it is the problem but it might help.

    • Seb (Tech Jammer, Freejam) says
      06/11/2013, 00:18

      Yes shooting slows down the game, but you should notice some improvement with the next release. It will get even better in future.

  4. TrueZiomal says
    04/11/2013, 20:56


    • builderbrick says
      04/11/2013, 21:38

      Please show some effort with your grammar and it’s not like there is limited RP in the game or something. Not blaming you for anything but you sound like you found a way to hack the selling mechanics and just waiting to exploit it the moment it comes out no offense.

      • builderbrick says
        06/11/2013, 14:46

        lol nvm about my comment above I must not be thinking straight

    • clonebot says
      05/11/2013, 00:16

      That idea sounds great, hopefully, if they add it in, I can sell my old lvl 1 blasters for some better ones.

      • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
        05/11/2013, 08:28

        We will be adding in selling of cubes. Allow a couple of weeks for this as we’re busy on other things at the moment.

  5. SpaceBot7 says
    04/11/2013, 16:37

    Finished installing it, and it’s working great! 🙂

  6. Seb (Tech Jammer, Freejam) says
    04/11/2013, 16:36

    I forced to reset the resolution every time it starts, so maybe it fixes also those issues when the launcher inexplicably changes window size.

    • SpaceBot7 says
      04/11/2013, 16:41

      It used to change window size? Well, I’ve never had that problem.

    • builderbrick says
      04/11/2013, 21:35

      Oh seb you talking to me?

  7. SpaceBot7 says
    04/11/2013, 16:33

    Downloading it now. 🙂

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