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Model Preview: Robocraft Royale T-Rex Mask


If you watched our recent Robostream, you will have no doubt seen our little tease in the form of some dinosaur head concept art. If you didn’t see the stream, here’s the art that we revealed.


So, what’s that all about? The image above was the first draft of some concepts for a new cosmetic mask that we wanted to add to Robocraft celebrating the release of Robocraft Royale on Steam. Now it’s time to reveal the mask in all of its glory.

This new cosmetic mask is super-exclusive and can only be obtained by purchasing Robocraft Royale on Steam. When you purchase Robocraft Royale, the mask parts will automatically appear in your Robocraft account on your next login through the Steam launcher. If you have multiple Robocraft accounts, please ensure that you login to your main account as the mask will be bound to the first account that it logs and masks are non-transferable.

With this mask, we’ve made it a lot easier to construct on a robot. If you rotate the model preview and view behind the neck, you will see the 6 connection points: top left/right, middle left/right and bottom left/right. These correspond to the top, middle and bottom sections of the mask.

Top tip: Put your headphones on and listen to the awesome Taunt that accompanies the mask (you will need to reload the page if you didn’t hear it the first time).

Here are those all-important stats:

  • Part Name: T-Rex Mask
  • Part Type: Cosmetic
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Cosmetic CPU: 6 pFlops (1 per part)
  • Forgeable: No
  • Recyclable: No
  • Found in crates: No
  • How to obtain: Through the purchase of Robocraft Royale on Steam

Special thanks to Sketchfab for their incredibly nifty 3D model plug-in tech.