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Model Preview: Rail Impaler


Rail Impaler – A Legend Is Born

If you’re all up-to-date with Robonews, the galaxy’s number one robo-political information service, then you’ll no doubt be aware that a new weapon is about to be unleashed in Robocraft. Say hello to the legend that is the Rail Impaler.

This high-powered rail gun, with it’s high DPH (damage per hit) is our largest rail weapon by quite some way and is going to be a sniper’s dream when it arrives with this week’s update.

Here is the all-important data for the new weapon (please note that this is correct at time of publication and is subject to change).

  • Rarity – Legendary
  • Cost – 130,000 Robits
  • CPU Load – 260 pFlops
  • Base Health – 67080
  • Mass – 1040.0kg
  • Damage – 154537 per hit
  • Energy Consumption – 6000 per shot
  • Single Gun Fire Rate – 0.5 per second
  • Max Fire Rate – 1.0 per second
  • Max Fire Rate Count – 2 guns

For a closer look at the new Rail Impaler, please check out the 3D model below:

Special thanks to Sketchfab for their incredibly nifty 3D model plug-in tech.

Please come back to Robocraftgame.com tomorrow for the complete patch notes for this week’s update which will contain more details on what will make its way into the build.