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Model Preview: Spider Insect Leg


Not So Incy Wincy Spider

If you follow our social media channels, you’ll have no doubt seen last week that we teased the return of our much-loved Halloween event, Hallowfest. Yes, Hallowfest 4 is coming this week and we’ll update you all on what we have planned starting today.

We can reveal that as part of the Hallowfest 4 update we will be rolling out some much-needed improvements to the insect leg movement type. So, what better way to celebrate these improvements that with some suitably spooky and incredibly hairy arachnid-inspired legs. Check out the awesome Sketchfab 3D model of the Spider Insect Leg below.


Here are those all-important stats for the Spider Insect Leg

  • Rarity: Epic (Uncommon during the Hallowfest 4 event)
  • Robot CPU Load: 44 pFlops
  • Base Health: 59,400
  • Base Speed: 155 mph
  • Speed Boost: 1.1%
  • Mass: 16.0 kg
  • Jump Height: 67.4 meters

Please note that these new legs are cosmetic variants of the existing Spider Insect Leg part and so cannot be forged; you will find them in reward crates. Also, they’re super-exclusive to the Hallowfest 4 event and so won’t be in crates forever!

Special thanks to Sketchfab for their incredibly nifty 3D model plug-in tech.