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Merry Christmas from Freejam

Merry Christmas, One and All!

Since December of last year, Freejam has gone from only five members up to a team of 14 full-time staff and five part-time community managers!

So as we prepare our gifts for the community on Christmas eve, we thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce everyone at Freejam, in order of when they joined!


Role: Game Director, CEO and Co-Founder

Three Favourite Things: Family, Football, Politics

Bio: Mark’s an industry veteran with over 17 years of games industry experience. He leads the entire Freejam team, leads all game design, leads all meetings, leads all business and leads us all to the pub.


Role: CTO and Co-Founder

Three Favourite Things: Adventure, Photography, Sleeping

Bio: Seb, most notoriously known for surviving his blood-to-espresso transfusion, is the Chief Technology Officer of Freejam Games. He organizes the five other code jammers in their daily bug hunts, feature implementations and drink breaks.


Role: Art Director and Co-Founder

Three Favourite Things: Adrenaline Sports, Movies, Mark

Bio: Ric is the crafter of worlds, the one and only artist of Freejam Games for the majority of its development. He leads the three other art jammers in creating the awesome worlds, robots and particles you see before you!


Role: Code Jammer and Co-Founder

Three Favourite Things: The Aesthetic of Tea, The Taste of Coffee, Competitive Eating,

Bio: Ed is the hermit code jammer who watches over the mighty servers. Although typically quiet, he’s been known to flip tables and smash stone pillars in anger.


Role: Code Jammer and Co-Founder

Three Favourite Things: Cycling, Good food, Hiding from Seb

Bio: Brian is a generalist coder and can be found doing anything from quelling the moans of the servers to coding up new game mechanics.


Role: Art Jammer.

Three Favourite Things: Music, Art, Playing Guitar

Bio: Dave was the first art jammer to join Ric’s team. He is a master of the third dimension and has formed many master pieces such as the robot legs, aerofoils and tesla blades!


Role: Design Jammer

Three Favourite Things: MMO’s, Reading Science Fiction, Playing Guitar

Bio: Luis watches over the Robocraft universe with an eagle’s eye, making sure that balance is maintained, bugs are found and gameplay is fun.


Role: Community Jammer

Three Favourite Things: E-Sports, Martial Arts, Table-Top Gaming

Bio: Also known as Drognin, Orcun is the voice of the community, gathering the thoughts, wants and needs of every Robocrafter and presenting them to the developers.


Role: Code Jammer

Three Favourite Things: Good Italian Wine, Playing Football, My girlfriend

Bio: Michele, the second of the Italian trio, is a primarily gameplay focused coder who’s healing hands brought nano to the Robocraft universe.


Role: Code Jammer

Three Favourite Things: Technically Complex Music, Sun and Sea, Table-Top Games.

Bio: Aldo, last of the Italian trio, is a man who stands in the shadows but carries the weight of Robocraft on his shoulders, tearing through bugs at record speeds and seeing to the ever increasing stability of the game.


Role: Code Jammer

Three Favourite Things: Science Fiction, Formula 1, Heavy Metal

Bio: Whereas Ed watches over the servers, Alex is known to speak with them directly. Weaving his netcode, the servers are at his command.


Role: Art Jammer

Three Favourite Things: Travel, Sushi, Books

Bio: Vlad is Freejam’s technical artist. Using his mastery of both art and code, he brings new methods and technologies to the Robocraft universe.


Role: Support Jammer

Three Favourite Things: MOBAs, Breakfast, Rum

Bio: Dan is the quick-minded knowledge base of the Freejam community, answering hundreds of voices each day.


Role: Art Jammer

Three Favourite Things: Strategy Games, Mythology, Archery

Bio: Our most recent addition, Tom sees the world in 2D, creating interfaces, concept art and forming graphical designs with his sworn partner and graphics tablet.

And the community management team!

On the far right we have Xia the Chinese community manager.

Next is Anna the Russian and Spanish community manager.

Then pointlessly appearing again is Dan and Orcun.

Unfortunately not appearing in this photo is Andrew the Portuguese community manager and Csaba the Hungarian and German community manager.











Finally, we’d like to remind everyone that the votes for the Indie DB ‘Indie of the Year’ is reaching its last two days.

If you’ve enjoyed Robocraft and feel it’s deserving of the title, we would greatly appreciate your vote!


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  1. wafflez04427 says
    26/12/2014, 02:47

    now perma baned from chating and battleing for the msg i wrote THX ROBOCRAFT YOUR SO FUN! not im boeeeerd now……………….PLZ JUST UNBAN ME I DIDNT SPAM!!! i just wrote some no one else did so it LOOKED like i did (B ERWBFWUREIHATETHEMODSR WEHFB)

  2. diabo_malandro says
    25/12/2014, 16:18

    Thanks for the game, it has been a bit buggy, but it’s it’s 1st year and you’ve been doing a great job! Happy holidays!!

  3. wafflez04427 says
    24/12/2014, 21:39

    i hate the mods they supspended me for 24HOURS for saying spam 2x just like this spam spam then they supspend me?! this is all i play! srsly i HATE MODS i wasent doing anything! copy and paste if you hate mods

    • SayNOempire says
      25/12/2014, 22:55

      *Nobody copy and pasting*

      Guess your master plan failed.

  4. buckshot36985 says
    23/12/2014, 22:33

    These are my two favorite things you guys like to do.

    Brian-Hiding from Seb

    • buckshot36985 says
      23/12/2014, 22:34

      Also meant to add on that i’m glad to see that you all look pretty young. It’s nice to not see management as a bunch of older men. I have nothing against older men, but as a whole the world needs younger fresher minds with more experimental ideas

  5. Demoniax says
    23/12/2014, 19:05

    same to you guy’s

    plz add option to diable bb fights !

    • Kaiservadin says
      23/12/2014, 20:23

      Please increase max tier to 22 or higher 😀

      • luizgamer23 says
        30/12/2014, 11:30


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