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One day of free premium!


Use before the 18th!


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  1. creeperslenderman88 says
    18/02/2015, 15:03

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no the codes is false

    • Slider_Baine says
      19/02/2015, 14:51

      The code worked just fine, what part of “Use before the 18th!” did ya not understand? 🙂
      Your timestamp for this post is the 18th, so u waited tooooo long. 🙁

  2. Foxtrotalphaprime says
    17/02/2015, 15:30

    how do I get the free premium

    • AgeDoubleYou says
      17/02/2015, 18:30

      When in the garage, press “Esc” to bring up the Pause Menu and click “Enter code”, then type the code and click “Confirm”.

      • AgeDoubleYou says
        17/02/2015, 18:35

        In the mothership, or bay, not “garage”. Sorry.

  3. Azulness says
    17/02/2015, 04:36

    Thank you so much. This helped me get the Mega-Smg ( I love it) Thank you for the promo codes freejam.

    • Foxtrotalphaprime says
      17/02/2015, 15:29

      How do I get free premium

      it sais use before 18th its the 17th

  4. sodashooter says
    16/02/2015, 04:16

    ok I have my thoughts

    add helicopter parts, Helicopter blades

    add more maps

    add robot connecters, where you can connect your damaged robot to another damaged robot

    my “linkable robots” idea came from when I was in battle, there was a fellow damaged bot sitting not to far from me, then I thought “what if we could connect to one another, then we would be able to move again”

    • sodashooter says
      16/02/2015, 04:16

      hey, reply to this if you like my ideas.

      • Greystripe01 says
        17/02/2015, 04:31

        All of these ideas have been suggested many times in the past. Also, this is not the place for ideas. You should be using the forums for that.

      • Azulness says
        17/02/2015, 04:36

        I want this a lot. Imagine a plane that can fly over the battle field and drop a tank right in the middle.

    • TetersP says
      17/02/2015, 16:38

      all those ideas are awesome excepect there adding helicopter blades, but genius I think they should add a test mode were you have a hanger that has infinite parts you can use but only use it in practice mode so you could test ideas you have.

    • LinasJ says
      21/02/2015, 14:22

      It would be huge and really complex expansion of the game I guess. (about the link able) It would be fun 🙂 some day, smart people may actually do it

  5. PeeuuR says
    15/02/2015, 21:38

    “New items have been added to your inventory” What items?

    • GoldenTNT says
      16/02/2015, 03:24

      It says that for every promo code – it’s just 1 day of premium.

  6. garchompy_(Hail Dunsparce) says
    14/02/2015, 15:47


  7. piekielnyemopl says
    14/02/2015, 06:59

    yey 🙂

  8. Dragon352 says
    14/02/2015, 06:35

    hope its not late. kinda sad that you guys at FJ have a reputation for being late on your updates tho


    • Kostas RC [CF-Alliance] says
      14/02/2015, 11:22

      They were late ONCE so far and they already have a reputation? It’s sad to see that there are players in the RC community thinking like that.

      • nudnud9 says
        14/02/2015, 19:39

        only once? you’re knew around here Kostas aren’t you?

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