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DOTM HOTFIX #2 + Mega Kill Event Prizes

DOTM HOTFIX #2 + Mega Kill Event Prizes

As an apology for the recent server outages here is a 1 day premium code that expires on Sunday at 11:59pm GMT: SERVERS-156537

The Megakill event is over and everyone’s receiving their rewards! Plus, loads of fixes and changes including the much anticipated nudge tool!


1) Added the ability to move Mirror line. (Press ] and [ to move)

2) Added new nudge tool which allows players to move their Robots around the garage bay. (Use directional keys to move)

3) New ‘Carbon 6’ TX-1 SMG variant in the cosmetics shop for GC.

4) Players who reached the 100 kill mark during the Mega Kill event will now automatically receive six Carbon 6 TX-1 SMGs for free.


1) Fixed bug with the delay on Cross-hair accuracy for Rail Cannons.

2) Fixed bug with Touchdown Electroplates not mirroring correctly.

3) Fixed bug with being able to shoot through Mega Electroplates.

4) Fixed bug with Mega SMG being able to artificially increase its fire rate (HMG)

5) Improved traction of wheels and tank tracks to help reduce sliding issue with Rail Cannons.

6) Fixed bug with unlocking plasma and rail cannons with incorrect tech points.

7) Fixed a bug with the collision of Nano’s being inconsistant.

8) Fixed bug where players were still able to use nano’s whilst using the Alignment Rectifier.

9) Improved server stability.

Edit: Quick update to yesterdays hot fix:

1) Fix to damage over distance on MSMG Carbon 6.

2) Added Nudge commands to the Controls screen.

3) Fixed issue with Mega Wheels, when adding more Mega Wheels you were made slower.





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  1. Gothatch says
    15/03/2015, 17:52


  2. killermark91 says
    15/03/2015, 00:56

    I just tried to use thise code, but then the game told me the code expired… It hasn’t been 11:59 pm sunday yet, what is going on?

  3. _Ducky_ says
    13/03/2015, 12:10

    Through the servers arent well,i certainly hope i can get the normal robocraft game back,its so laggy now(i ran on fastest and had no lag).Good Luck Devs,great game!

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