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Mars Roadster by iBringDaLULZ

This is the 1930’s Hot-Rod of Robocraft, with its lovely curved wheel arches and two tone pain job. But don’t be fooled by the grace and elegance of this beast, the Mars Roadster is nibble and armed to the fenders… I should know I have been shot by it loads of times.

great job iBringDaLULZ



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  1. funkyman8887 says
    15/08/2013, 18:13

    whats the music?

  2. portalmaster12 says
    12/08/2013, 03:23

    i cant even connect 2 the server

  3. funkyman8887 says
    11/08/2013, 20:16

    0_0 Nice vehcle

    • Pwning_melon says
      11/08/2013, 21:26

      uuhh you know that thing on the side that says what blog you have replied in?
      well for some reason they all pop up with stuff you have said funkyman…

      • funkyman8887 says
        14/08/2013, 06:53

        i comment often

      • funkyman8887 says
        14/08/2013, 07:16

        plus i have been playing for about 3 days now so i thought i should get settled in a bit easier by getting to know people and the powerful vehcles

  4. chrishar2 says
    07/08/2013, 01:10


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